BIWA Summit 2015

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    YesSQL! a celebration of SQL and PL/SQL

    Session Number: 185
    Track: Data Warehousing and ETL
    Session Type: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks
    Primary Presenter: Steven Feuerstein [Oracle]
    Time: Jan 27, 2015 (10:00 AM - 10:50 AM)
    Room: Auditorium

    What is the level of your talk?: Intermediate
    Please provide an outline for your session: Review the history of SQL and the role it has played. Share stories of the impact of SQL and PL/SQL. If possible, arrange in advance for members of audience to share a story or two. Introduce members of the new Oracle Database Evangelist team.
    Please list 3 learning objectives for this session: Understand the critical role of SQL and PL/SQL in human civilization.
    Inspire and excite Oracle technologists.
    Learn how attendees can help Oracle helps it users fully leverage its technology.
    Choose Keywords: Oracle Database

    Abstract (250 words or less): 

    As a technology, NoSQL is a strong database technology for a fairly narrow set of use cases. Unfortunately, its name has encouraged too many people to reject SQL as a whole. SQL is a foundational technology that has enabled the Information, Internet and Mobile Eras. Human civilization runs on SQL (and, to a lesser extent, PL/SQL). This session celebrates the impact of SQL and PL/SQL on the lives of our users and the technologists who use them to build applications.

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