The Place of SQL in the Hybrid World

    Session Number: 1197
    Track: 5-Data Warehousing and SQL
    Session Type: Featured Talk
    Primary Presenter: Kerry Osborne and Tanel Poder [Accenture Enkitec Group]
    Time: Jan 26, 2016 (10:15 AM - 11:05 AM)

    Session level: Intermediate
    Keywords: None

    Abstract (250 words or less): 

    In this session, we describe the change we see coming to the database world, from the viewpoint of Oracle Database professionals and using terminology familiar to Oracle Database professionals. However, this change is not really about Oracle Database; it’s about a much wider shift in enterprise computing. Hadoop data lakes and clouds are taking over many workloads traditionally executed on in-house RDBMS systems on SAN storage arrays—especially reporting and analytics. But, as we’ll explain, SQL still has a big part to play in the brave new hybrid world.

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