The Next Generation of the Oracle Optimizer

    Session Number: 1202
    Track: 5-Data Warehousing and SQL
    Session Type: Featured Talk
    Primary Presenter: Mohamed Zait [Oracle Corporation]
    Time: Jan 27, 2016 (10:05 AM - 10:55 AM)

    Session level: Intermediate
    Keywords: None

    Abstract (250 words or less): 

    This session introduces the latest enhancements from Oracle to make the statistics in the Oracle Optimizer in the Oracle Database more comprehensive, so you can expect Oracle Optimizer to give you better execution plans than ever before. Learn how Oracle has made it easier to maintain and be assured of comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date statistics. These improvements allow database applications to get the most out of the enhancements made to Oracle Optimizer. The session uses real-world examples to illustrate these new and enhanced features, helping DBAs and developers understand how to best leverage them in the future and how they can be put to practical use today.


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