Oracle Database 12cR2
    Wednesday, September 13, 2017
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
     ViON Headquarters
     196 Van Buren Street, Suite 300
     Herndon, VA 20170


    Join us for a day of learning around Oracle Database 12cR2! We will focus on two of the most compelling features - Multitenancy and Database In-Memory (DBIM) - with plenty of discussion around other pertinent features.


    8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.:

    Breakfast, registration, networking

    9:00 a..m - 9:15 a.m.:


    9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.:

    Keynote on Oracle Future: 12cR2, Multitenant, Database In-Memory, Cloud

    Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer, Viscosity North America

    10:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.:             



    Track 2

    PDB Me, ASAP! Oracle 12cR2 Multitenant HOL, Part 1

    Charles Kim, Co-founder and President, Viscosity North America

    Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Enterprise Architect, ViON Corporation

    Oracle Cloud On the Horizon

    Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer, Viscosity North America




    Oracle Database In-Memory Deep Dive* 

    Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Corporation

    *Session description below

    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.:

    Lunch and networking

    1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.:

    Track 1


    Track 2

    PDB Me, ASAP! Oracle 12cR2 Multitenant HOL, Part 2

    Charles Kim, Co-founder and President, Viscosity North America

    Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Enterprise Architect, ViON Corporation

    Oracle Database In-Memory By Example*

    Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Corporation




    Analytic Views* 

    Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Enterprise Architect, ViON Corporation

    *Session descriptions below

    4:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.: 

    12cR2 Experts Panel Discussion

    Charles Kim, Co-founder and President, Viscosity North America

    Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer, Viscosity North America

    Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Enterprise Architect, ViON Corporation

    Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Corporation

    4:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.:

    Closing Remarks and Prize Giveaways


    *Session descriptions:

    Oracle Database In-Memory Deep Dive

    Oracle Database In-Memory introduces a new in-memory only columnar format and a new set of SQL execution optimizations such as SIMD processing, column elimination, storage indexes and In-Memory aggregation all of which are designed specifically for the new columnar format.  The Oracle Optimizer is fully aware of the new In-Memory functionality and has adapted its cost model to allow existing query workloads to take full advantage of in-memory columnar tables. This session will explore the key performance enhancing features of Database In-Memory including in-memory scans, predicate push down, hash joins with bloom filters and vector group by aggregation. Execution plans, SQL Monitor reports and session statistics will be used to show how Database In-Memory achieves amazing performance gains.

    Oracle Database In-Memory By Example

    With Oracle Database 12c comes a new In-Memory column store compatible with all existing applications. But how does it work and what steps do you need to get started? Rather than answering these questions with a traditional PowerPoint presentation, this session will be conducted via SQL*Plus. Step by step examples will demonstrate how Oracle's in-memory dual format enables both superfast analytics and online transaction processing. This session will also show how it integrates with Oracle's existing performance features (i.e. the Optimizer, indexes, MVs, etc.). By attending this session you will arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to not only get started with Database in-Memory but to dramatically improve the performance of your analytical workload.

    Analytic Views

    This session will show the advantages of Analytic Views for complex n- dimensional queries.



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    Meet Our Speakers

    Jim Czuprynski

    headshot.jpgJim Czuprynski is an Oracle ACE Director with over 35+ years of experience in information technology, serving diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies - mainframe programmer, applications developer, business analyst, and project manager - before becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001. He holds Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification for Oracle Database releases 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c.

    Jim has co-authored three books on diverse Oracle Database topics. His most recent book, Oracle Database 12cRelease 2 Testing Tools and Techniques for Performance and Scalability, is due out in September 2017. It dives deeply into the myriad tools and features built into Oracle Database 12cR2 for evaluating database and application performance, including methods for testing a database environment to its maximum limit of viability.

    Jim continues to write a steady stream of articles that focus on the myriad facets of Oracle database administration, with +100 articles to his credit since 2003 at and Jim’s blog, Generally … It Depends, contains his regular observations on all things Oracle.

    Jim is also a sought-after public speaker on Oracle Database technology features. Since 2008 he has presented topics at Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG COLLABORATE, Hotsos Symposium, ODTUG KSCOPE, Oracle Technology Network ACE Tours, and Oracle User Group conferences around the world.

    Rich Niemiec

    Rich Niemiec is the current Chief Innovation Officer of Viscosity North America. Rich is an Oracle Ace Director, a world renowned IT Expert, and was a co-founder and the CEO of TUSC, a Chicago-based systems integrator of Oracle-based business solutions started in 1988. Rich has served as President of Rolta TUSC and President of Rolta International EICT.

    Rich is the past President of the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the current President of the Midwest Oracle Users Group (MOUG). Rich has architected and tuned many Fortune 500 systems over the past 25 years. Rich is in the Chicago area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and E & Y National Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

    Charles Kim


    Charles Kim is an Oracle ACE Director, a VMware vExpert, an Oracle Certified DBA, a Certified Exadata Implementation Specialist, and a Certified RAC Expert. Charles specializes in RAC, Exadata, Cloud, complex data replication, and virtualization and is the co-author of nine books on Oracle Database. Charles holds certifications in Oracle, VMware, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft, and has over 26 years of Oracle experience on mission- and business- critical databases. Charles presents regularly at local, regional, national, and international Oracle conferences, including COLLABORATE, VMware World, and Oracle OpenWorld, on topics of RAC, ASM, Cloud, Linux best practices, Data Guard best practices, VMware best practices, Oracle on VMware virtualization, and 7×24 high-availability considerations. Charles is the founder and president of Viscosity North America, a niche Oracle consulting company specializing in Exadata, RAC, virtualization, and Oracle Cloud. Charles is also the president of the Cloud SIG for the Independent Oracle User Group.

    Andy Rivenes


    Andy Rivenes is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and is a Product Manager for Database In-Memory. Prior to that Andy was a Product Manager for Heat Map, Automatic Data Optimization, SecureFiles and DBFS. Andy has been working with Oracle products since 1992 and spent a large part of his career managing Oracle databases for both custom and E-Business Suite applications. Andy now spends his time helping customers implement Database In-Memory and providing information about Database In-Memory through blogs, conferences, and customer visits. He is also a frequent contributing author to the Oracle Database In-Memory blog at



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