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    Cloud Computing SIG Techcast: Database as a Service (DBaaS): How to Create a Database Cloud Service
    Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta and Burt Clouse, Oracle Corporation 

    The evolution from traditional IT silos to a service-oriented cloud environment involves several steps. The first step is to identify the essential services that IT will provide. Then, rationalize the variety of vendor and technology components supporting the current estate to a standardized and manageable set. By reducing complexity and increasing standardization, IT is able to more efficiently consolidate workloads, automate more processes and deliver services faster, all with lower risk and costs. In this webcast, the concepts will be illustrated with customer use case examples. A catalog of standardized Oracle Database service offerings will also be presented. 

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    Enterprise Cloudscapes: Deeper & More Strategic 2012-13 IOUG Cloud Computing Executive Summary
    Joseph McKendrick, Research AnalystProduced by Unisphere Research 

    Cloud computing is no longer a novel concept being experimented with at the edge of the enterprise. It is now a mainstream business technology strategy that is delivering the agility and flexibility that businesses require to move forward. A new survey finds that cloud computing continues gaining converts within the enterprise, and is pushing down deep roots within companies that have deployed the approach. While definitions of “cloud” vary, for purposes of this survey, “private cloud” is defined as on-demand shared services provided to internal departments or lines of business within enterprises. “Public cloud” is defined as on-demand services provided by public cloud providers.

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    Cloud Computing Solutions Leveraging Oracle Technology
    Jordan Braunstein,  Visual Integrator Consulting

    The Cloud Computing paradigm is slowly maturing. However, organizations are still determining how to best leverage the different cloud models for business benefit. This session will focus on how to build an integrated private and public cloud end-to-end solutions in Oracle technology, integrate the solution with non-Cloud solutions, and provide guidelines on cloud architecture with Oracle technologies. The session will also cover Best Practices for how to migrate to Cloud solution (from non-Cloud), and overcoming the risks and challenges of typical cloud hurdles, and how to successfully adapt and evolve the organization to Cloud paradigm.

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    Wait Analysis for your Oracle DB Cloud using AWR
    Mike Ault, IBM 

    While tuning the DB Cloud, the DBA can sometimes be overwhelmed with the plethora of numbers in an AWR or Statspack report. In this presentation the techniques to perform top-down wait analysis with the AWR or Statspack report will be shown. Using the techniques from this presentation the attendees will be able to rapidly make DB Cloud tuning choices based on their AWR reports.

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    Ensure HA in Database Cloud with Oracle Database 12c: What to Do and How to Do It
    Kai Yu, Dell

    Today as more and more IT organizations look ways to consolidate databases, database cloud model is being increasingly adapted. Hosting many databases with different SLAs, high availability becomes extremely critical to a database cloud. This session discusses how to design and implement such a database cloud infrastructure to meet SLAs. It covers the architecture design options to ensure HA of the entire stack. This presentation also discusses how to leverage some of Oracle 12c HA database features including Application Continuity and Transaction Guard to ensure application HA.

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