IOUG Gives Thanks

    By: Morgan Sherlock on Nov 22, 2016

    IOUG Gives Thanks

    IOUG is kicking off the holiday season by sharing what we are thankful for! From the IOUG headquarters, hear what the team has to be thankful for this year: 

    "Star Wars VIII: Rogue One. And my dog. And my husband. Not necessarily in that order."

    - Alexis Bauer Kolak, IOUG Education Manager

    "I am thankful for such an amazingly talented and smart IOUG team, these guys make it easy to come to work every day and inspire me to do my best work! I’m also thankful for my family, friends and fiancé and for all the love and support they give me throughout the year!"

    - Hannah Jaracz, IOUG Marketing Coordinator


    "I am thankful (and proud) to be on and surrounded by Team IOUGenius!

    I am thankful (and appreciative) to be part of the smart, strong, fun, funny, inclusive, and endlessly curious IOUG community.

    I am thankful (and SO grateful) to my sources of energy: family, friends, colleagues...and world champion Chicago Cubs!



    - Josh Berman, IOUG Executive Director

    Released: November 22, 2016, 2:08 pm
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