FWelcome to the Speaker Resources Page.  Here you will find:

    • Instructions for registering as a speaker
    • Important details for speakers to know
    • Audio visual standards for your meeting room
    • Instructions on how to upload your presentations
    • link to edit your bio and other profile information
    • link to edit your picture

    Please register and view your session information (including abstract and keywords) and profile to ensure its accuracy.  Attendees use all of this information to decide whether they want to attend and conference and which sessions to attend.



    REGISTRATION--Note: These are screen images of what you will see when you go to the registration screen. They are not active links.

    Below are the step by step instructions for speakers at BIWA Summit to register as a speaker:

    Please go to the BIWA Summit 2016 Registration Page. Click "Register Using your Member Account." You were required to create a membership account when you submitted your presentation for consideration. Please note, you will want to use the same email address you used when you submitted your presentation. 

    Registration Page.PNG  


    To identify yourself as a speaker, login with your Username and PasswordUser name and password.PNG

    Click "Register for this Event"

    Registration Page.PNG


    Since you logged in with your user name and password, it will offer you a "speaker" registration option. Select "speaker" and click "OK." If the "speaker" option does not appear on your screen, please email carrie@carriedayton.com for support.

    Speaker select.PNG


    Please fill out the required fields in the "Page 1" form and click "Next"

    Speaker Form 1.PNG


    You will then recieve a "Confirmation" screen.  IMPORTANT:  Please click "Finish" to complete your registration.Confirmation Screen.PNG

    Click HERE to start registering.



    • For those sessions that are two half-sessions, we have note scheduled a break between sessions. Please plan to attend both half sessions in your block. If both speakers are presenting via Powerpoint, we suggest that the two speakers coordinate during the break before the session block, and ahve the two PowerPoint decks presented via one computer if possible minimize the transition time necessary between sessions.


    • Audio Visual--Each session room will have
      • Titan model ceiling mounted projector
      • Screen
      • Overhead room speakers
      • VGA & HDMI Connection
      • 1/8" mini for sound
      • PC Desktop (to use if you desire)
      • Some rooms have handheld and lav microphones (please specify if you need this)


    To Upload Your Slides for a Presentation, For Which, You are the Primary or Secondary Speaker :


    Go to the BIWA Summit Home Page by clicking HERE

    --> Select "Login" in the upper right corner of the screen

    --> Type in your IOUG User Name and Password

    --> In upper right corner select the drop down menu "My Options"--> Select "My Profile"--Example:

    Presentation My Options.PNG

    --> On the right side of the screen, select "My Presentations". You will see a list similar to the one above

    Presentation My Presentations.PNG

    --> Select the presentation you wish to upload the slides for

    --> Click on "Edit Files"

    Presentation Edit File.PNG

    --> Click "Add" and add the file from your computer.  When you are finished. Click "ok"


    If the list is blank, either you are not logged into IOUG with the same userid used to submit your session or something is wrong with the way the session is linked to your userid; contact carrie@carriedayton.com for help.

    IMPORTANT:  No photo or videotaping for commercial use is permitted at the BIWA Summit nor on Oracle property.  Casual and personal photo and video taking is permitted.  Tweeting and blogging by Oracle employees should adhere to the Oracle code of conduct and confidentiality policies.  No Oracle employee or product can be taped or photographed against their will or without permission.  If a BIWA speaker has an objection to having their photo taken, please email carrie@carriedayton.com to make a note. Otherwise, it is assumed, based on your acceptance of allowing BIWA to use your name/presentation in marketing materials that images taken by attendees is accepted.


    Optional Slides for BIWA Summit Presentations

    We have provided slides for you to utilize.  It is not required to use these slides to present at BIWA or Spatial Summit 2016.

    Click HERE for the BIWA Summit 2016 Slide Template

    Optional Slides for Spatial Summit Presentations

    Click HERE for the Spatial Summit 2016 Slide Template

    REQUIRED  Slide for Spatial Summit Presentations

    For Spatial and Graph Summit Speakers only--Please complete and upload this one slide summary template (required) by Friday, January 22nd, 2016. Please click HERE for the 1 slide case study summary.


    Profile and Picture

    You can edit your profile here, including your bio, areas of interest, etc. and edit your picture here.

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