BIWA Summit 2016 Hands-on Labs will be using different environments, depending on the specific session.

    All sessions will be connected via Oracle Conference Center Wi-Fi. Once you are connected, you can freely use the internet. The SSID and daily passwords will be posted throughout the conference center.

    Please make sure you have a laptop that you have administrative rights on to perform the various labs. Generally any modern laptop with a recent Windows or Mac OS should be able to run the Hands-on Labs.


    The following sessions require only a browser:

    • Business Intelligence Visual Analyzer Cloud Service: View and Analyze Your Data with customer use case

    You will be provided a URL and log in credentials at the beginning of each lab.

    Ensure that you have the latest version of at least one of the major browsers, Internet Explorer (please note this is not the Edge browser), FireFox, Chrome, and or Safari.


    The following sessions will use the Oracle Database Cloud Service.

    • Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 Hours!!

    • Predictive Analytics using SQL and PL/SQL

    You will need the latest SQL Developer version 4.1.3 You can download it from the Oracle website at

    Download the BIWA2016hol-SSH.key file from the link below to be able to connect to the cloud hosts:

    You will be assigned a specific host connection at the beginning of the session.


    The following sessions will connect to the Oracle Solutions Center and will require a VPN

    Interactive Map Visualization of Large Data Sets in Analytic Applications

    • Applying Spatial Analysis To Big Data

    • Free form Data Visualization, Mashup BI and Advanced Analytics with BI 12c

    • Gain Insight into Your Graph Data -- A hands on lab for Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph

    • Interactive map visualization of large datasets in analytic applications

    • Oracle Big Data SQL: Unified SQL Analysis Across the Big Data Platform

    • Oracle Database In-Memory Option Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know

    • Scaling R to New Heights with Oracle Database

    Windows Server Operating Systems (like Windows 2003 and 2008) and most Linux distributions are not currently supported by Array Networks. The Chrome and Edge browsers are *NOT SUPPORTED* for the VPN.

    1. You must be an administrator of your machine.

    2. Ensure you have the latest Java plugin by visiting

    3. Pre-install the SSL-VPN software by connecting to the URL and login using the given credentials with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari on Mac OS.


    b.  USER ID:  oscweekly01 - Password:  XZ5T9W32 (good only this week) or

    c.  USER ID:  oscweekly02 - Password:  7A2524Cw (good only this week)


    d.  Click Sign In

    3.  Click on the Connect button when it appears.

    4. Follow the instructions on your screen giving the Array Networks Java application to run and the VPN software to install (the confirmation screens vary depending on your browser and OS).

    5.  Once the software is installed and connected, you should have an Array SLL VPN program running in your task bar. Exit and logout from the application. While this is running, you will not be able to access the internet (CNN, Facebook, etc.).

    Troubleshooting the VPN connectivity:

    Note for Mac users: If you are unable to connect, change the Java setting for site to run Java in unsafe mode. Mac users should download and use the (free) Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for MacOS from the App Store.

    Safari > Preferences > Security> Internet Plug-ins

    Change Java setting for to run in unsafe mode and Trust.

    6. Download and install VNC Client from


    • End Users data in BI – Data Mashup and data Blending with BICS, DVCS and BI 12c.

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