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    INOUG is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping Oracle professionals throughout Indiana increase their knowledge and experience with Oracle and related technologies.

    The annually elected INOUG Board plans and conducts quarterly User Group Meetings. At these all day events, INOUG welcomes all interested Oracle professionals to attend for the most cost-effective training available.

    In addition to learning more about Oracle technology, the meetings are a great way to become acquainted with other local Oracle professionals and to learn what kinds of Oracle-based systems are being implemented at local companies.


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    Scaling to Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses on Oracle by Tim Gorman
    Topic: Indiana Oracle Users Group Files
    Owner: Gary Wicke
    Date: 2016-10-30

    Star schemas (a.k.a. dimensional data models) are demanded by BI analysts in data marts and data warehouses.  Star transformations are the optimal join method to access star schemas in Oracle.  Bitmap indexes are required by the star transformation process, but bitmap indexes quickly become literally infeasible without partitioning.  Why isn't this documented?  How do all these crucial pieces fit together?  Find out what major features of Oracle Database are enabled by partitioning, as well as how and why.

    Download File   TGorman INOUG DWScale 20161027.pptx

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