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     IOUG Cloud SIG – Sessions/Agenda at COLLABORATE17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas NV

    The IOUG Cloud Special Interest Group (SIG) is pleased to announce a comprehensive Oracle Cloud-centric Sessions/Agenda at COLLABORATE17 from April 2-6, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas NV. Please register and attend at

    Cloud Experience Day – To the Cloud and Back – Hands on Workshop

    Session 8211, Wed Apr 5, 9:45AM – 5:15PM, South Seas D
    Full day event sponsored by the Oracle Cloud SIG and IOUG. An Oracle User Community Cloud SIG workshop for Oracle Technology Professionals to obtain Cloud experience using Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Technology on-premise together using their own laptop/device to accomplish work essential for their businesses & careers. Attendees learn how to setup OS secure authentication, generate a key, create a storage container to use the Cloud. Methods of backup to the Cloud, configuring RMAN to backup to Oracle Cloud and recover back to an on-premise server. This year’s workshop expands into Application Monitoring technology that monitoring BOTH the Infrastructure and user Experience. Learn how the Oracle Management Cloud Application Performance Monitoring technology is deployed, with each attendee getting hands on experience deploying the technology on a WebLogic sever, and learn how troubleshooting is accelerated. Everyone gets a sample application that highlights how APM can be used. Optionally, deploy on your own weblogic server. The last lab, will show how Infrastructures as a Service can be leveraged in the Oracle Cloud. Attendees to this workshop bring their own device, connect over WiFi, are assigned an Oracle Cloud trial account and are lead through activities by IOUG Cloud SIG leaders.

    Introduction to the Cloud Experience by Erik Benner, Charles Kim, Steven Lemme (9:45 – 10:45)
    What is the Oracle Cloud? This session goes over how you can access the Oracle Cloud for both administrative needs as well as network connectivity between your users, servers and the cloud. Learn how to do basic administrative tasks in the cloud; managing and using ssh keys, managing users, What is REST and connecting systems to the cloud.

    Cloud Experience: Your Database in the Cloud by Tariq Farooq, Kai Yu, Nitin Vengurlekar (11:00-12:30 optional to 1:15)
    This IOUG Oracle Cloud User Community Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshop Session is intended for Oracle technology professionals to obtain Cloud Experience using Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle technology on-premises together. Attendees learn • Overview of Oracle Database Cloud Service • Identity Domain Administration: How to setup Oracle Cloud Administrators • How to set up OS secure authentication, generate a key, and create a storage container for use in the Oracle Cloud • Overview and Step-by-Step on how-to provision/create an Oracle Database Cloud Service Instance • Overview and Step-by-Step on how-to provision/create an Oracle Database Cloud Service Virtual Image • Leveraging Oracle Cloud and Oracle Recovery Manager to back up On-Premises Oracle Databases to the Oracle Cloud.

    Cloud Experience: Application Performance Monitoring by Erik Benner, Alfredo Krieg, Harold Dost (1:30-3:45 Hands on Lab)
    Do you know what your users see when they run your application? How is your complex infrastructure performing? Are there hidden errors int the VMs, database or app servers? Application today are complex machines, with multiple tiers of application and database servers. Users are also more savey, expecting error free fast performance. Picking the best area to improve the performance of your application can be nearly impossible without the right tool. Solving a performance problem in production is even harder. This HOL walks you through how to deploy and leverage Oracle Application Performance Monitoring to dig deep into the entire technology stack from application to operating system. From the user’s browser experiance to the error logs on all the systems that support the appl;ication. Whether it runs on Oracle WebLogic, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Database,Tomcat, JBoss, Node.js, .NET, or WebSphere. In Oracle’s cloud, Amazon’s cloud or in your datacenter. Move beyond simple triage to true diagnostics by seeing your application logs in context to the application workload. Join this session to learn more.

    Cloud Experience: Infrastructure and performance by Erik Benner, Charles Kim, Tariq Farooq (4:15-5:15 Hands on Lab)
    Learn hands on how you can build and maintain virtual machines in the cloud, including Windows, Linux and BSD. Learn how you can use opensource tools on Linux to benchmark cloud performance, enabling you to make informed decisions when pick cloud providers. Understand Oracle’s networking and security model for both internet facing and private facing networks. Learn how storage is provisioned and deployed in the cloud. Bring your notebook with virtualbox installed and take a VM from Virtualbox and import and deploy to the cloud, and then use Oracle Management Cloud Infrastructure management to monitor the system.

    IOUG Cloud Computing and Virtualization SIG Meeting
    Session 833, Mon Apr 3, 4:15 PM, Jasmine A


    Oracle VM, OEM13c and Cloud Computing – Expert Panel
    Session 779, Tue Apr 4, 11:00 AM, Jasmine A
    Tariq Farooq | Founder & CEO, BrainSurface
    Charles Kim | Founder & President, Viscosity Technology
    Kai Yu | Senior Principal Engineer, Dell EMC
    Erik Benner | Enterprise Architect, Mythics
    Steve Lemme | Director, Global Enablement (Cloud & Systems Management), Oracle

    Oracle on Oracle VM Best Practices Panel – Virtualization is the foundation stone in the Cloud Computing space and an integral part of the IT ecosystem. Attend this session to hear best practices from experts in this field who have learned from many years of experience.


    An Overview of Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service Solution – For DBA’s and Oracle Technology Professionals
    Session 728, Tue Apr 4, 4:15PM, Jasmine B
    Steve Lemme | Director, Global Enablement (Cloud & Systems Management), Oracle 

    The role of the Oracle Technologist continues to evolve with new Oracle technology releases. This is a catch-up session for DBAs and Oracle Technologists on what are Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service offerings and how they are applicable to your job role, someone on your team, or within your company. In this session learn how Cloud provides even more opportunity and a platform where services can be used to facilitate development, testing and production work. What is Infrastructure as a Service, what is driving businesses to adopt it, and what is Oracles strategy and solution. Cloud Services covered include: Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solution: Oracle Compute Cloud Services: Elastic and Dedicated, Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, Oracle Storage Cloud Services, Oracle Network Cloud Services, Oracle Container Cloud Service, Oracle Ravello Cloud Service


    Setup and Manage Your Own Private Cloud for IaaS with Oracle VM and EM13c – Expert Panel

    Session 778, Wed Apr 5, 11:00 AM, Jasmine A
    Tariq Farooq | Founder & CEO, BrainSurface
    Kai Yu | Senior Principal Engineer, Dell EMC
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez | Vice President APAC, Pythian

    Expert Panel Session – Today when IT organizations plan to deploy applications in cloud, they can use Oracle public cloud or use the similar technologies used in the Oracle public cloud to build and host their own private cloud, This session examine discuss these technologies and methodologies which include Oracle EM12c cloud management, IaaS self-service portal and Oracle VM and VM template and VM assemblies. This session will show how to design and build and manage such an IaaS cloud with these technologies,. The session will also show how to implement the important cloud service: application self-service provisioning which is featured in Oracle public cloud.


    Cloud Brings Many New Opportunities for DBAs and Oracle Technology Professionals
    Session 722, Wed Apr 5, 12PM, Palm A
    Steve Lemme | Director, Global Enablement (Cloud & Systems Management), Oracle 

    Cloud is a skill you need but didn’t know because you’ve been so busy trying to keep running what’s already been deployed. The role of the Oracle DBA continues to evolve with new Oracle technology releases. And as demand and business tolerance for manual infrastructure practices, database installations and patching decreases, DBAs are needed that can advise and help lines of business leverage new technology including Cloud to accelerate new initiatives and innovation within companies. In this session learn how Cloud provides DBAs even more opportunity and a platform where preassembled components can be chosen as services and for development, testing and production work.


    Are you attending Oracle Open World 2016?

    Don't miss the Oracle Cloud Experience!

    During IOUG Users Group Sunday, Oracle ACEs and experts from the IOUG Cloud SIG will be presenting a 4 hour, hands-on introduction to the Oracle Database Cloud capabilities.

    Start your journey to the Oracle Cloud here...with this intensive Hands On Lab session that will walk you through an Oracle Cloud services trial. Learn how to setup and configure the cloud and migrate data from an on-premise Oracle Database 12 implementation to the cloud. Create a storage container, set up OS secure authentication, and configure RMAN to use the Oracle cloud.

    Date: Sunday Sept 18th

    Location: OTN Lounge, Lobby, Moscone South (loft area just left of the escalators leading down to the Exhibit Hall)


    • 8:00 am PT - Registration, Introductions, workshop account setup and instruction.
    • 8:30 am - 12:00 pm PT - Leader guided cloud instruction with use cases, hands on exercises using Oracle Cloud
    • 11:00 pm PT - Working Luncheon for attendees
    • 12:00 pm PT - Wrap up

    Important Note: Attendees must bring their own laptops, ensure they have available storage and RAM and working wireless network connectivity to participate. Participants without laptops may "pair up" with others to perform activities.

    We'll provide lunch, you bring your fully charged laptops.  More details are here.  No registration required but we'll only have demo cloud accounts for the first 30 attendees, so get there early!  Be sure you have your Open World badge or Security won't let you into the building.

    This session will be presented by:

    • Charles Kim, Oracle ACE Director, President, Viscosity NA, Inc.
    • Erik Benner, Oracle ACE Director, Entrprise Architect, Mythics, Inc.
    • Troy Ligon, IOUG Board of Directors, Director of Technical Architecture, American Express 
    • Steven Lemme, Director, Oracle Sales and Partner Academy, Oracle Corp.

    Welcome to the IOUG Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG)

    IOUG Cloud Computing SIG Website:

    The IOUG Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to communication and information interchange around the subject matter of Cloud Computing and Virtualization centric to Oracle.

    The technologies around Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) is evolving and dynamically adjusting to the business needs. This Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) SIG provides a vendor neutral perspective to the private and public database cloud and delivery mechanisms for Database-As-A-Service (DBaaS).  

    The SIG will disseminate essentials to build your on-premise Oracle Database Cloud.   The SIG will provide content from numerous vendors and technologies to inform members on:

    • various deployment methods such as OEM12c, Openstack, Puppet and Chef.
    • various deployment platforms including OVM, VMware, Engineered Systems, converged infrastructures, Compute Appliances and roll your own various deployment models (public, private, hybrid)

    This SIG will provide you insightful nuggets and in-depth knowledge to help you make the right decisions for DBaaS deployment.  We will discuss how DBaaS fits into the Oracle database cloud, the components that is needed to deploy DBaaS, and why you should consider DBaaS in your organization.  

    The SIG provides independent thought, challenges, options, and best practices on key areas of Cloud Computing and Virtualization infrastructures relative to Oracle databases.  Information will be shared in an open forum and touch on prevalent Cloud Computing and Virtualization Paradigms/Technologies. 

    The IOUG Cloud Computing and Virtualization SIG is led by the following thought leaders in the Oracle Community:

    • President – Charles Kim, Viscosity NA, Oracle ACE Director, vExpert
    • Vice President, Vendor Liaison – Kai Yu, Dell – Oracle ACE Director
    • Vendor Liaison Chair –  Mike Gangler, Oracle ACE, Sr. Database Specialist, Secure-24
    • Content and Resource Chair (Librarian) – Alfredo Krieg, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Oracle ACE Associate
    • Web Events Chair – Gustavo René Antunez, Pythian, Oracle ACE 
    • Board Member – Tariq Farooq, BrainSurface, Oracle ACE Director 
    • Board Member – Erik Benner, Mythics, Enterprise Architect
    • Oracle Liaison – Steve Lemme


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