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    Server-Side Development for the Cloud: When TUNING means MONEY!


    When you transition from on-site development to development in the cloud, your system undergoes some significant shifts.

    • Hardware resources are no longer static.
    • Expense model is flexible (up to even “pay-per-use”)

    Previously, as long as your current servers were surviving the workload, it did not matter whether they were 50% or 70% utilized. Now, this difference can be immediately converted to real money because the resource elasticity means that you can give it back (remember, elasticity works both ways!).  Considering that the database licensing cost is $47,500 per CPU for the Oracle Enterprise Edition, proper tuning of your system could save enough money to become noticeable to management. 

    Recently, the author encountered a number of real-world situations where the CPU footprint was successfully decreased after adjusting SQL and PL/SQL routines. This webinar will discuss some of the resulting best practices:

    • Research techniques:

    o   Code instrumentation – In order to solve any performance problem you first need to detect it. DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO allows more granular logging and tracing

    o   Profiling – Even if you can detect a performance problem, you need to find its exact location.  The Hierarchical Profiler is your best resource for that search.

    • Coding techniques:

    o   Avoid context switches between SQL and PL/SQL, or at least decrease its frequency/ cost. Using PRAGMA UDF or WITH-clause functions is very helpful in that regard.

    o   Don’t reinvent the wheel – There are some very powerful SQL features (analytical functions, PIVOT/UNPIVOT) that are often ignored by the majority of developers.

    o   Don’t do things multiple times - Various caching techniques can help reuse what is already known.

    o   Collections in-memory processing are still the fastest way of calculating anything. Wide usage of SET operations decreases the number of context switches as well.

    This webinar will demonstrate why server-side developers are mission-critical in 21st century IT departments since it’s all about money. Isn’t it? 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Attendees will learn how cloud-based implementation of databases impacts server-side development requirements
    2. This webinar will demonstrate the role of SQL and PL/SQL in building well-performing cloud-based solutions
    3. Attendees will learn methods for making the code base less CPU-intensive.




    Michael Rosenblum, 

    Software Architect/Development DBA, Dulcian Inc.  


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