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    Oracle Exadata X6: Technical Deep Dive - Architecture and Internals


    EXADATA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Original Broadcast: May 2

    Take a plunge into the technical details of the latest Oracle Exadata X6. This session describes what has been done to enhance Oracle Exadata and its integrated database architecture, and how to take maximum advantage of some of the new capabilities. This session examines in detail Oracle Exadata hardware and software architecture, database extensions for Oracle Exadata, I/O resource management, Oracle Exadata's Smart Scan and Smart Flash Cache features, as well as snapshot and virtualization capabilities.

    ***Please note that there is a minor correction to slide 33. In the audio recording, it is communicated that it was 60 MB/sec per flash drive, but the corrected value is: EMC XtremIO – 120 MB/sec per flash drive.”

    Featured Speaker: Manish Shah, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle


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