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    Storage Webcast: Smarter Data Storage through the Cloud


    Original Broadcast: June 30, 2016

    Storage requirements are growing by leaps and bounds, and more organizations are turning to the cloud to manage the load. Thus far, it’s mainly used for backup, data warehousing, development/test and archive. But, data managers and IT professionals are continuing to push the boundaries of cloud as a viable option for a range of data requirements.

    Join us for a special webinar on June 30th to learn about the strategies and tactics that Oracle users are currently employing to not only manage data growth, but improve the speed of data delivery, protection, and integration. You’ll get a firsthand look at the results of a brand new survey on data storage trends fielded amongst the members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, as well as best practices and key advancements in storage technologies.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn:

    • How to maximize your data storage capabilities using on-premises and cloud options together
    • How to manage data growth alongside performance considerations
    • How new backup and recovery solutions can help you overcome traditional limitations
    • How analytic management tools can help you gain better visibility into performance and availability issues
    • How to quickly scale to meet growing requirements through tiered storage, data compression and consolidation

     Featured Speaker:

    • Joe McKendrick, DBTA Analyst and Contributing Editor

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