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    Participate in real-time, interactive discussions on today's most relevant ExaEverything topics. IOUG's ExaModules provide a clear, soup-to-nuts understanding of the Oracle Exadata Machine, and will define the learning objectives of each session.






    1 State of Exadata 2012 and Technical Updates Phil Stephenson and Dan Norris, Oracle
    1. Understand the new engineered database systems including Exadata, Exalogic, SPARC SuperCluster and Oracle Database Appliance and when to use which.
    2. Discuss how the current adoption rate of the platform and how companies are benefiting. 
    3. Identify the benefits of management and Exadata enhancements.
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    2 Exadata 101 – What You Need to Know Rich Niemiec, ROLTA
    1. Understand the basics of Exadata from a beginner's perspective. 
    2. Recognize the advantages of using this hardware. 
    3. Justify the benefits of Exadata such as saving money and eliminating data center complexity.
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    3 Exadata: Is it Right for Your Environment? Coming Soon!
    1. Understand the basics of Exadata from a beginner's perspective. 
    2. Recognize the advantages of using this hardware. 
    3. Justify the benefits of Exadata such as saving money and eliminating data center complexity.
    Coming Soon!
    4 Exadata Database Machine: Understanding Why It Works as Well as It Does Jim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing, Inc.

      1.  Describe the traditional database I/O and 
           Exadata database I/O.
      2.  Explain the Exadata solutions and building 
      3.  Discuss the benefits for datawarehousing and 


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    5 Top Exadata Features You Need to Know Anuj Mohan, Dba DIRECT, Inc.
    1. Recognize the benefits for Exadata and the types of Exadata database machines.
    2. State the steps within the Exadata implementation process. 
    3. Identify what Exadata Smart Flash Cache does within the system.
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    6 Governance Model from Exadata Implementation Vinod Haval, Oracle
    1. Identify the areas within your infrastructure to tweak to ensure an effective and efficient model is in place. 
    2. Recognize the typical steps that you can follow while in the process of on-boarding Exadata. 
    3. Describe the various services you should pay attention to and choose the best one which is suitable for your organization.
    Coming Soon!
    7 Exadata Database Migration and Consolidation Roman Muzykin, Oracle
    1. Discuss the benefits of consolidation of multiple databases into a single database. 
    2. Explain the considerations and architectural design points when performing a migration consolidation. 
    3. Identify the methodology for going through the database migration consolidation including the architectural, operational, and performance considerations.
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    8 Key Considerations When Planning and Executing Complex Database Consolidation Kevin Courtney, Teleran
    1. Identify the general preparation steps for Exadata and how to assess readiness. 
    2. Discuss the possible customer challenges such as slow consolidations/migrations, Exadata slowdown, unauthorized Datamarts, etc. 
    3. Recognize how bad behavior can dramatically affect performance.
    Coming Soon!
    9 Smart Scan Stephen Holder, UBS
    1. Understand Smart Scan and how it can improve SQL query performance. 
    2. Recognize what is required in order to use Smart Scan. 
    3. Discuss the limitations of Smart Scan such as what cannot be offloaded, how it can be stalled and what disables it.
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    10 Oracle Exadata Management Fundamentals: New Features for Monitoring, Tuning and More Deba Chatterjee, Oracle
    1. Define the management and deployment challenges when setting up Exadata. 
    2. State the three step process for deploying applications on Exadata and how to validate application performance. 
    3. Recognize how to manage and maintain Exadata through performance diagnostics, application SQL tuning, configuration compliance and patch automation.
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    11 Why Exadata is Better Together with OBIEE, Exalytics and ODI Coming Soon!   Coming Soon!
    12 Exadata Experiences – Expert and Customer Panel Tony Catalano, ROLTA
    1. Recall best practices from implementation to everyday care and maintenance with Exadata. 
    2. Identify ways in which you can make your implementation easier by learning from the experts that have been through it.
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