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    Pack your bags, hop on board, we’re moving to the Cloud!

    Are you being asked to evaluate or move mission-critical business operations to Cloud-based solutions? Join #IOUGCloudJourney to understand what the Cloud means for your organization and your career. 

    Throughout the next year we will provide videos, webinars, user stories and other resources to help make this transition a smooth one for you and your organization.

    • Learn best practices for implementing Cloud-based solutions for your company.
    • Prepare for the changes to your current job role and develop skills to prepare for future roles.
    • Learn how to adapt your processes to optimize Cloud usage and plan for future engagements or expansion.
    • Use our educational roadmap for key Cloud system skill sets that users need to develop over the next 12-18 months to work effectively with these technologies.
    • Attend COLLABORATE 18.

    IOUG is here to help!

    We’ll be bringing you this real-time and on-demand virtual learning as well as independent viewpoints on the impact of Cloud-based solutions to assist you in your journey.

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    Whether you're actively engaged in a PaaS or IaaS project, or just trying to get up to speed on the latest developments, IOUG has the resources to help. Browse our Cloud Journey libraries to gain a solid footing and prepare for the next step.

    Your Community - Your Stories

    NEW! There are a lot of factors in how you approach your cloud strategy, but one of the best resources IOUG can provide are the real-world experiences of other Oracle users. In our Customer Cloud Stories, we'll be sharing the experiences of users at all stages of production, as well as a variety of use cases.

    These stories include:

    • Why our members considered the Public Cloud
    • How they evaluated different solutions
    • And what they discovered during and after their implementation

    Staying On-Track with Oracle Analytics Cloud

    Despite the prevalence of IoT devices in our day to day lives, many people still view IoT data as a future consideration for their organizations, or a data source that has yet to be tapped to its full potential. After all, how do you store, manage and make sense of the enormous amount of information that these devices collect, and can you really make “real time” changes with it?


    This was the challenge that Brazilian transportation logistics giant Rumo Logistica faced when trying to improve the safety and efficiency of their thousands of kilometers of railway lines. By combining the power of the Oracle Analytics Cloud with their existing IoT data stores, the team at Rumo Logistica developed predictive analytics that helped them prevent service delays, improve the usage of their busiest routes, and most importantly, protect the safety of their workers through proactive repairs and management.

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    The Rolta AdviseX Cloud Journey


    • Michael Messina, Senior Managing Consultant, Rolta AdvizeX
    • Sridhar Avantsa, Director, Oracle Infrastructure Services, Rolta AdvizeX

    If you are in any IT role, you are probably part of teams and/or initiatives that want to move your organization to the cloud in whole or in part.  We were a member of a large team at Rolta-AdvizeX that engaged in a full cloud feasibility assessment that examined what cloud offerings could add value to our business and serving our customers.

    As a IT Services company, Rolta-AdvizeX is in an ideal position to evaluate IT services including databases, servers, storage, network, applications and so on.  Our first step was to determine what “cloud readiness” is, and what components determine cloud readiness. To do this, we established a set of key questions:

    • Are we cloud ready?
    • If so, what areas make the most sense for cloud implementation?
    • Do we want to move everything to the cloud or just certain things?
    • Do we want to do a big bang cloud move or to we want to move things one at a time
    • Do we use one cloud provider or use a mix of cloud providers based on the specific needs of teams and units?

    These were all important questions for us as an organization, but for sure important questions for our customers. We worked to develop a process to answer those questions and many more like them, in order to get answers that utilize the power of the cloud to improve our business.  The Cloud Feasibility Study was the result of that process development.

    As we ventured on this journey, we thought to ourselves: “Wow! This journey has been full of challenges and new discoveries that have made a big impact to our business. More than just the outcomes, sharing the process by which we got there may have value to others.”  Our hope is that what we have put together on our story, along with others from Rolta-AdvizeX, helps you and your cloud Journey.

    Dig into Autonomous Database in the Cloud

    NEW! Join us for the first in a monthly series of webinars where we'll be partnering with Oracle experts on deep-dives into the technology behind the Oracle Public Cloud.

    An autonomous future – powered by Oracle
    Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018, 10:00am - 11:15am CST

    The rise of data as a form of capital, and therefore your enterprise database, will have a direct impact on the future success of your business. Whether you are looking to unlock the value of your application data or just interested in integrating all your data and making it accessible to all your employees, join this session to learn how data management in the Cloud using Autonomous Database Cloud can transform your business and give you a competitive advantage. This session will also include a deep dive of the autonomous technology and show you what a self-driving, self-repairing and self-securing database really means.

    Speaker: Monica Kumar, Vice President, Product Marketing Database and Big Data

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    Get the Best from Our COLLABORATE 17 Presentations

    To Cloud or Not to Cloud: What Are the Right Questions?
    Topic: Cloud Journey
    Owner: Shannon Flynn
    Date: 2017-03-03
    Subtopic: COLLABORATE 17

    Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing, but there seems to be wildly differing perspectives on what it means, how it works, and the costs and benefits of such a model. When it comes to databases and other business critical applications in the cloud, the message is even more confusing. In this session, we will discuss what House of Brick is seeing and hearing from large enterprises to small businesses. The session will present the “right questions” to ask about Tier 1 applications and cloud – from private to public and other key SaaS/DBaaS considerations.

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    Top Five Considerations for Moving Your Databases to the Cloud


    Original Broadcast: September 27, 2017

    Most organizations either have cloud-based databases or are seriously considering this option. 

    The key to experiencing the full benefits of cloud adoption – and avoid unnecessary downtime and headaches – revolves around having a sound strategy in place before your move, and then executing it perfectly.

    Join us for this IOUG educational session led by Charles Kim, Founder and President of  Viscosity North America. He’ll explore how to successfully plan and navigate your database journey, and discuss the five top considerations when making this transition. 

    It’s a can’t-miss webcast if you’re contemplating moving your databases to the cloud.

    Featured Speaker:

    • Charles KimFounder and President of Viscosity North America

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