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    Upgrade to the Latest Generation of Oracle Database and Consolidate your Databases Using Best Practices

     laptop.jpgSpeaker: Roy Swonger, Sr. Director, Database Upgrades and Utilities

    This hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from an older release of Oracle Database to the latest generation of Oracle Database. Participants will learn how the improved automation of the upgrade process and the generation of fix-up scripts can quickly help fix database issues prior to upgrading.
    The lab also uses the new parallel upgrade feature to improve performance of the upgrade, resulting in less downtime. Finally, participants will learn how to migrate and consolidate multiple databases into a single Oracle Database using the latest generation of Oracle database. Come get inside information about database upgrades from the Database Upgrade development team.




    Hacking, Cracking, Attacking – OH MY!


    Gary Gordhamer, Performance Team Lead, QPM COE, IT & PE, GE Health Care
    Janet Wakeley, GE Healthcare

    The Internet provides a simple and easy way to find information on almost anything. This includes tools and methods to crack into information technology including Oracle databases. In this session we will do some hands on work with some readily available security holes in Oracle database, cracking tools. Then we will spend some time learning forensic techniques to detect these events, and finally some tips on securing your environment to protect.


    IOUG RAC Attack!

    Speaker: Jeremy Schneider, UBS

    The IOUG and the RAC SIG are co-hosting a hands-on lab called IOUG RAC Attack!  This hands-on lab, taking place on Monday and Tuesday, will focus on cluster installation prerequisites on Linux, installing Oracle clusterware, installing Oracle RDBMS, creating RAC databases (for beginners), failure testing and backup/recovery test.

    Fine Tune Your SQL Troubleshooting Skills

    Normally when looking at SQL behaving badly, you are at your desk with people breathing down your neck to quickly troubleshoot the performance issue.  Did you ever have a dream of getting performance tuning tips when not under pressure? This Late Night OTN Lab will provide the perfect environment for that.  It is a hands-on experience that will equip you to stand up under the pressure of the next fire drill, and even better it is a learning experience in a relaxed environment with exactly what every DBA needs, refreshments.  This is the opportunity to develop a toolkit of queries and techniques to analyze and resolve the most common SQL performance problems.  Come enjoy the challenge, networking, and awesome tuning experience one can only have late night with the IOUG and OTN.

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