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    COLLABORATE 12 - The IOUG Forum Boot Camps

    Back by popular demand!  IOUG Boot Camps consist of a series of Oracle education sessions that cover a specific hot topic with a variety of expert speakers.  Each boot camp is organized by an Oracle ACE to provide you with a suggested course curriculum for a comprehensive learning experience.  Choose to attend the entire boot camp or part of the program - it's up to you!  

    Boot camps are included within your full conference registration, but we ask that you pre-register so we can ensure enough space. Register today and plan to attend an IOUG Boot Camp at COLLABORATE 12!



    Boot Camps include:

    Boot Camp Dates Description
    DBA 101, managed by Kimberly Floss, Oracle ACE

    Monday through Wednesday, mornings

    Get the basics on all things related to the Oracle database in 1 place: from installs to upgrades, from monitoring to  high availability with RAC and Data Guard - we will start from the ground up to provide you with all that you need to know to hit the ground running when you return to the office.    In addition, we'll cover the fundamentals of Oracle 11g as well as OEM, patching, clusterware and ASM, so you have all the tools and knowledge to enable you to be the best Oracle DBA that you can be!

    Big Data, managed by Ian Abramson, Oracle ACE

    Monday and Tuesday sessions

    The biggest question today is what is Big Data and why is it important? It seems like you can’t open a web page today that doesn’t include a discussion around Big Data. With the recent release of Oracle’s Big Data appliance we begin to realize that the technology is maturing and it’s time to get up to speed and beyond. Big Data is the collection of vast amounts of data from social media sources, sensors and high-volume business we need to realize the value that this information holds.

    This bootcamp on Big Data is being presented to answer 'What is Big Data?' and 'How can my business derive value?' The economic mining of vast amounts of data will allow businesses to accelerate growth and service to achieve better results. Big Data is here and it is time to find out how it can help.

    Database Development, managed by Michael Rosenblum, Oracle ACE

    Tuesday and Wednesday sessions

    Get on a need to know basis… Key pieces of SQL and PL/SQL knowledge for all!  Look Inside the black box. Deep dive into an Oracle feature.  Take a new perspective - Areas of Oracle database touched less often (Oracle Spatial, Geocoding, Oracle Text etc).  Hear tales from the other side of the fence (DBA’s hour). Low-level database knowledge with serious impact on the development process.  Learn the best laid plans…. (Architect’s hour)! How to integrate our knowledge into a working system.  Conclude with a Discussion panel: What prevents the development process from being efficient? 

    High Availability, managed by Kai Yu, Oracle ACE

    Monday and Tuesday sessions

    Learn everything about the high availability solutions for your business. This two day boot camp will cover a wide variety of topics about the Oracle high availability technology.  This boot camp consists of as many as 10 independent technical sessions and two expert panels which you can choose from. You can learn the different solutions and techniques, which you leverage to plan and implement the high availability solutions for your own environment.   You also can bring your own questions to the expert panels to have the interactive QA with the industry experts on the panels.

    Security, managed by Arup Nanda

    Wednesday sessions

    Security sometimes can be considered project lockdown, but is that really all that security is, controlling access? The security boot camp is to provide information and best practices around securely configuring the database and application environments, auditing and compliance, coding and developing applications to consider the best security practices, applying security patches and protecting data and company assets. 

    Fusion DBA, managed by Judi Doolittle, Oracle ACE

    Monday sessions

    Oracle Fusion Applications and Middleware are important topics to DBAs and architecting database environments. The Fusion DBA looks at topics of middleware installations and administration, integration between applications and databases, and monitoring of the environment from application to database to hardware. Oracle Grid Control has plugins for applications and managing access and setting up this environment to monitor all areas. Identity Management also allows for management of the security looking across applications and database. These are tools that DBAs implement and manage.

    This boot camp will look at Applications from a DBA perspective and how to administer for Fusion Applications and Middleware, Grid Control for monitoring and how to manage security through Identity Management.

    Virtualization, managed by Tariq Farooq, Oracle ACE

    Sponsored by:

    Monday and Tuesday sessions

    Virtualization is the foundation stone in the Cloud Computing space and an integral part of the IT ecosystem. Ranging from best practices, tips & tricks, deployment methodologies, comprehensive concepts overview, prevalent strategies, new paradigms/features, pros & cons, technology deep dives & a whole lot more. Learn all about virtualization from a 360 degree perspective from some of the world's best known experts in this arena.

    Exadata, managed by Vinod Haval, Oracle ACE Wednesday sessions Introduce yourself to the IOUG Exadata SIG and what and how we contribute to the Oracle community worldwide.  Learn what is Oracle Exadata and how it helps to reduce the IT challenges and increase your overall Oracle ROI as well as real life examples in topics such as, best practices for Exadata deployment, Exadata Performance Tuning as well as Data Migration tips and techniques.  Finally, discover what the additional Services you need for successful Exadata Implementation (Design and build, Architectural Assessment, Support, Monitoring, etc.)
    Cloud Computing, managed by Ron Batra, Oracle ACE

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    Wednesday sessions

    Oracle's Cloud Computing Direction is now transforming most of the product lines towards Cloud Computing.  Cloud Computing has many definitions and the goal of the boot camp will be to put forward presentations and sessions which focus on the overall strategy as well as detailed sessions that focus on very specific areas such as Oracle’s overall roadmap and Cloud Computing Strategy, Exadata, Exalogic, Oracle Virtual Machine, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Public Cloud.

    Oracle Internals & Performance, managed by Craig Shallahamer, Oracle ACE Wednesday and Thursday sessions Just like your car, the Oracle database engine must to be running optimally and efficiently. This means understanding Oracle internals, which includes knowing the architecture, the optimizer, as well as how to monitor, diagnose, and analyze performance. Sessions will be aimed at both new and experienced DBAs; the more you know, the more you'll get out of the sessions! Oracle internals can sometimes be more interesting than useful, so special attention will be made to ensure the presentations are both interesting and practical for production systems. Join our bootcamp, have some fun, and empower your career!
    ADF EMG , managed by Penny Cookson, Oracle ACE  Wednesday sessions The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group is the largest community of Oracle ADF practitioners in the world, discussing best practices, methodologies and more.  Last year the ADF EMG declared 2011 "The Year of the ADF Developer" with a whole days content at Oracle Open World.  This year the ADF EMG is spreading its wings inviting key expert presenters to introduce ADF content at the premier user group event in 2012 so you can learn why this development framework has incredible practical value to you.

     zSeries, managed by Michael Zechman - Audio Preview Available on YouTube!

    Monday and Wednesday sessions

    The zSeries Boot Camp will provide attendees a combination of general Oracle sessions and topics while also providing sessions on the System z platform, System z customer presentations, and networking with key Oracle and IBM personnel for the System z platform.

    This Boot Camp includes a special off-site tour of the IBM Las Vegas facility, with day-long workshops taking place on Tuesday, April 24. A shuttle will leave Mandalay Bay at 8:15 A.M., and return around 5:00 P.M. Snacks and lunch will be served, all at no additional charge.

    This tour is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the System z mainframe environment. Whether you are simply interested in getting into System z, or are already working with it, this will be a great day of learning!

    This is a technical Boot Camp, with a technical audience that started as MVS (z/OS, OS/390) and has expanded to include Linux on IBM System z. Previous attendees said that they return because of the high quality, valuable information they receive as well as the opportunity to exchange information with others.

    Pre-registration is required, as space for this day-long workshop is limited.

    NOTE: Please be sure to check the zSeries SIG when you register. Please be aware entering this code will NOT limit your sessions to only System z sessions. You will still have full access to the long list of COLLABORATE sessions.

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