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    As the roles of IT professionals continues to change, stretch and expand there is a greater need for individuals to connect to the business. This program is geared towards the Senior DBA, IT Manager, and seasoned IT professional interested in learning how to get a seat at the table with senior IT management and contribute to dialogues around corporate strategy. This program will help you refine and improve your skills at influencing without authority, presenting business cases, and augmenting your technical strengths with leading business practices. You’ll hear from veteran DBAs, CEOs and senior executives on their learnings. You’ll share your own experiences as well as ideas with your colleagues in the program and you’ll also be asked to some preparatory work by reading suggested business articles that will aide your participation and experience.

    This program is invite only and for COLLABORATE - IOUG Forum registrants only. Please note your interest during registration.


    Sunday, April 7th

    12:30PM - 1:00PM


    1:00PM - 2:30PM

    The Essence of Great Leadership

    We all recognize great leadership when we see it but why is it so difficult to describe? Great leadership can take many forms and agreeing on a definition can be elusive. Sure we can point out “leadership” based on historical figures and reflecting on their actions, but what about in today’s world; in everyday situations, with everyday people? Individuals display leadership traits in their own unique way, regardless of their professional role. This session will explore what great leadership means to each panel member through their individual perspectives and will challenge the attendees to become self-aware of their own opportunities to become leaders.


    Carol McGury









    Carol McGury, Executive Director, IOUG 


    John Matelski Kim Floss Andy Flower  rjn_crop2 - 2.jpg Matt Vranicar

    John Matelski,
    Dekalb County Government   

    Kimberly Floss,
    Pepsico Beverages and Foods 

    Andy Flower, Right
    Triangle Consulting

    Rich Niemiec, ROLTA 

    Matt Vranicar, ROLTA 


    2:45PM - 3:45PM

    How Change Can Have a Positive Effect on your Career
    Speaker: Willie Hardie, VP, Database Product Management, Oracle

    Willie HardieIf there's one constant in IT, it's change. We've all witnessed major changes in IT, and we can anticipate more in the coming years. Change can be good for business and obviously has a direct impact on how IT delivers on our users expectations. In this session, we'll discuss how embracing change in IT can help evolve our career prospects.

    Willie Hardie is responsible for Oracle Database product management, focusing on growing Oracle's business in the global database, data warehousing, and embedded database markets. Willie has been in IT for more than 25 years and has specialized in relational database technologies for more than 20 years. Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, he has worked with Oracle Database since Release 5.





    4:00PM - 4:45PM

    Leadership: Not Just for Managers
    Speaker: Maria Anderson, Lead, Project Office & Storage Services, Encana Corporation

    Maria_Anderson_071312_BIO.jpgHow many times have you heard the phrase “soft skills” and thought this was a topic for managers and others in formal leadership roles? In a technical role, leadership skills are either rarely considered or demonstrated; yet the role of the IT professional is rapidly evolving and the demand for critical thinking, mentoring, coaching, and communication skills is significant. Leadership development is becoming critical to advancing your career whether you’re a DBA, architect, or in a formal leadership role. This session will concentrate on demonstrating the value of the “soft skills” without giving up your day job as technical guru!






    Monday, April 8th

    2:30PM - 3:30PM

    Move your Career from Tech Leader to CIO, CFO or CEO
    Speaker: Rich Niemiec, ROLTA, Former IOUG Board President

    rjn_crop2 - 2.jpgHow do you move from the IT Group to the corner office of executive management? This session will focus on critical skills & attributes as well as key career path moves that are essential to moving from a technical leader to a Director, CIO, CFO, or even CEO of the company you work for or even your own company. 








    Tuesday, April 9th

    2:00PM - 3:00PM

    Building on your success – from techie to strategist
    Speaker: Carolyn Dolezal, EVP and Chief Executive Technology Industry Practice, SmithBucklin Corporation


    You’re an amazing technologist.  You knew data when it wasn’t referred to as “big.”  You are the go to solve functional user issues, streamline systems and expedite the speed of business.  You are in integrator, facilitator, mechanic and magician.  So with all your great technical knowledge, what else do you need be successful in today’s business environment?

    It takes more than technical aptitude to thrive in today’s organizations.  Businesses are looking at how individuals relate not only in a team setting, but in terms of understanding business outcomes.

    Our presenter, Carolyn Dolezal,  is Executive Vice President & Chief Executive for SmithBucklin’s Technology Industry Practice. Carolyn has more than 25 years of executive and management experience from leadership positions in the high tech, financial services and telecom industries. Prior to joining SmithBucklin, she served as president of SEI, a worldwide services company offering technical help desk and lead generation and qualification support for franchisees and value-added resellers across various industries.  She’s a Motorola alum where she served as general manager for the company’s Public Service Solutions business for North America and was responsible for managing the sales, development and delivery for Motorola's industry-leading Customer Service Request solutions portfolio.  Carolyn holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in marketing, finance and management policy.  She serves as a coach and mentor helping professionals truly maximize their professional potential.

    The Learning objectives for this session include:

    • Learning critical success factors to move from specialist to strategist
    • Understanding what  steps you need to take to move from where you are now to where you want to be
    • Embracing the business mindset (and how to survive it!)

    Wednesday, April 10th

    12:15PM - 1:00PM
    Lunch & Networking

    1:00PM - 2:00PM
    arikaplan.jpgPreparing to Win
    Speaker: Ari Kaplan, former Chicago Cubs Statistics Manager, past IOUG Board President

    How do you win a job title? A promotion? Help your company win a new contract or release a new product?
    Ari Kaplan, former Cubs Statisitcs Manager speaks on what it means to win and how you can win in your career.

    Ari Kaplan is a leading figure in sports analytics, having worked with over half of all MLB organizations and many global sports media organizations over 23 seasons. In 2011, Sports Illustrated named Ari “Top Ten General Manager Candidates”. He received Caltech’s “Alumni of the Decade” distinction for pioneering groundbreaking sabermetrics used to evaluate pitcher talent. Crain's Chicago Business also recognized Kaplan's work in business, baseball and humanitarian endeavors by including him in their annual "40 Under 40" cover story.

    In addition to his scouting background, Ari is one of the few long-term baseball leaders who has a proven track record at Fortune 500 companies, as well as successfully running several high-profile organizations as CEO or President. He was President of IOUG 2006-2008. On the media front, Ari co-authored five best-selling books on analytics, databases, and baseball. Ari has been profiled on CNN, Chris Matthews, and the Today Show and one of his high-profile analytics project was been turned into a documentary on the History Channel.

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