Social Media at COLLABORATE 13

    Want to make the most of your on-site (or off-site) experience at COLLABORATE 13? Social media is a great way to connect with new and old friends in the Oracle user community; share and capture your thoughts in real-time in education sessions and keynote presentations; and engage in online dialogue with the community about your business challenges and conference experience. To help you get the most value out of this opportunity, use the links below to read up on how to be a social media pro in Denver (or from the comfort your own office). 

    Social Media
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    How can I use Social Media to improve my COLLABORATE 13 experience?
    Conference Twitter Hashtag Guide and Twitter Tips
    Meet the COLLABORATE 13 Social Media Gurus
    IOUG Social Media Contest
    What are people saying about COLLABORATE 13 on social media?

    Check out the COLLABORATE 13 Guide to Twitter to get the scoop on hashtags,
    a list of Twitter users at the conference, and more! 



    How can I use Social Media to improve my COLLABORATE 13 experience? 

    Facebook fbook.jpg

    • Upload pictures to the COLLABORATE 13 - IOUG Forum Events page
    • Share fun updates from networking events and Wednesday Night's Urban Revival Party
    • Participate in IOUG's Social Pic-test 
    • Connect with new and old friends

      IOUG Facebook Fan Page 

    Google + 

    • Share the great technical content with your friends and followersgplus.jpg
    • Connect with new and old friends




    • Connect with new contacts you meet at COLLABORATE 13 to do business
    • Bring your technical questions straight to the experts in the IOUG LinkedIn Group and others 

    IOUG LinkedIn Group



    • Follow along the conference dialogue on #C13DEN and on more specific, technology-focused hashtags
    • Capture your thoughts and speaker insights from educational sessions and keynote
    • Engage in dialogue with fellow attendees on topics both technical and attendee-experience focused
    • Follow the latest updates on the conference, including sessions changes, contest notifications, play-by-play tweets of keynotes and more
    • Connect with like-minded Oracle technology professionals
    • Discover new threads of conversation, hashtags and social media activities to participate in
    • Follow what's going on in the Exhibitor Showcase, and engage with COLLABORATE exhibitors

    IOUG Twitter

    Your Blog

    • Blog about your experiences at the conference, both educational and personal
    • Send blog posts to, who will re-blog them on the IOUG Blog


    IOUG Blog

    Conference Twitter Hashtag Guide and Twitter Tips

    The main conference Twitter hashtag is #C13DEN. 




    This year, we are debuting a new series of hashtags, where COLLABORATE 13 attendees can get more in-depth with technical content and education. 

    #C13TCH is the general COLLABORATE hashtag for discussing technology content.

    Other Twitter Tips

    • Use hashtags as often as you can, but be aware they count towards the 140-character limit
    • When listing a session in your tweet, refer to it by the session ID. 
    • Retweet tweets that you find useful or insightful, or that you think your Twitter following will enjoy








    Meet the COLLABORATE 13 Social Media Power Users


    At the end of each day, an informal tweet-up session will take place at COLLABORATE 13.

    What is a Tweet-Up?

    Active Twitter users get together to meet in person, share stories and experiences from the conference, and talk about plans for the rest of the week. Stop by to meet the faces behind the Twitter handles, and introduce yourself!

    Here is the tentative list of dates and times. Please follow @IOUG for updates in case any of these details change.

    Who will I meet there?

    Besides the people behind @IOUG, you'll also meet with some of COLLABORATE 13's Twitter Power Users and other individuals active on social media who decide to show up.

    COLLABORATE 13 Twitter Power Users

    Twitter Power Users are individuals who frequently use the power of social media in their career and personal lives. They are curious, collaborative and excited to kick up their conference engagement to the next level by live-tweeting sessions and events. If you have any questions about how to best use Twitter and other social media tools at the conference, feel free to reach out to the individuals below, via Twitter (or, if you see them in person!).

    Fuad Arshad

    Bobby Curtis

    James Lui
    @Jhlui1 @IOUG

    Dan McDonnell

    Seth Miller

    Leighton Nelson

    Osama Mustafa

    Chad Thompson

    Yury Velikanov 

    Are you a Power User? Or do you want to be included on the master IOUG list of COLLABORATE 13 tweeters? Send an email to

    IOUG Social Media Contest

    Social Media Pic-Test

    Got your smartphone or camera handy? Are you ready to be famous? Game on. Snap pictures of the sights and sounds of COLLABORATE 13 and tweet them to @IOUG with the hashtag #C13pictest, or post them on the COLLABORATE 13 - IOUG Facebook page via Instagram (with hashtag #C13pictest) and you may just win some fabulous prizes, which include name and company recognition on, Facebook and Twitter! Prizes and rewards go to the shutterbug who snaps the best picture of one of the following categories: Funniest picture, The Denver-est picture, Weirdest picture and more…Click here to get started!

    Don't forget to let us know what category you are submitting for!

    What are people saying about COLLABORATE 13 on Social Media?

    Check out the COLLABORATE 13 Twitter Feeds.

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