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    Chris Wooldridge Award

    The Chris Wooldridge Award winner is announced each year at COLLABORATE in recognition of outstanding service to the user group community by a volunteer. Nominees must be current IOUG volunteers who have been involved for at least two years. Winners are recognized for having donated a significant amount of time, energy and ideas to help advance the IOUG.

    About Chris Wooldridge

    Chris Wooldridge was very active in the IOUG for many years, having held a number of volunteer positions, including Director of Conferences on the IOUG Board of Directors. Chris was well known and liked in the industry, and well-connected in Oracle Corporation as a former employee. He had worked for Oracle for many years and was on the team responsible for delivery of Oracle on the IBM mainframe. His employee number (less than 20) speaks to his having been on board close to the beginning of the success story we all know as Oracle Corporation. He was a warm human being, an avid skier/snowboarder, and an accomplished pilot, with credentials allowing him cockpit jump-seat privileges on commercial jets in the United States. When he passed away as the result of a mountain biking accident, the IOUG spoke with his family and founded the Chris Wooldridge Award, which was first given out at the IOUG Live! conference in Dallas in 1997. 


    2018: David Start 2012: Rich Niemiec 2002: Kelly Cox
    2017: Michelle Malcher
    2011: Kimberly Floss 2001: Paul Dorsey
    2016: Gary Gordhamer
    2010: Allan Hoof 2000: Karen Langley
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    2009: Dan Norris 1999: Kent Graziano
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