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    Ken Jacobs Award (previously the Oracle Contribution Award)

    An Oracle employee is recognized each year at COLLABORATE for his or her outstanding dedication and service to the user group community. In order to be nominated, an individual must be a current Oracle employee. The award recognizes a person who has affected the success of the IOUG through his or her support of the organization.

    Originally called the Oracle Contribution Award, it was renamed in honor of Ken Jacobs upon his departure from Oracle after long-term service as liaison to the Board of Directors. Mr. Jacobs had won the award himself in 2004. 


    2018: Maria Colgan 2012: Mark Townsend 2002: Kate Kerner
    2017: Daniel Liu
    2011: William Hardie 2001: Mark Jarvis
    2016: Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
    2010: Charlie Berger 2000: OTN Group
    2015: Larry Carpenter and Joe Meeks
    2009: Dan Norris 1999: Shari Simon
    2014: Graham Wood 
    2008: Tom Kyte 1998: Barry Ariko
    2013: Jenny Gelhausen 2007: Shyam Varan Nath 1997: Nancy Taslitz
    2006: Mary Lou Dopart 1995: Marc Benioff
    2005: James Hobbs 1994: Judy Boyle
    2004: Ken Jacobs 1993: Geoff Squire and Derry Kabcenell
    2003: Mary Ann Zirelli

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