Now that the conference is over, we have provided a list of the sessions and links to download most of the materials for the various sessions.  See the full list below:

    Advanced Analytics
    Date File
    2015-02-06 Oracle Using Oracle Advanced Analytics to Target the Right Customers with the Right Oracle Products Details
    2015-01-14 Moving beyond Oracle Data Miner. What the Oracle DBA and Developer needs to know Details
    2015-01-24 Using Advanced Analytics - R and Data Miner. Fiserv Case Study: Fraud Detection in Online Payments Details
    2014-05-23 Using R for Enterprise Big Data Analytics Details
    2015-02-01 Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 hours!! Oracle Data Miner 4.0 Hands on Lab Details
    2015-01-30 Using Oracle R Enterprise Details
    2015-02-12 Introduction to Oracle R Advanced Analtyics for Hadoop Details
    2015-01-31 Intro to Data Science for Oracle Professionals Details
    2015-01-30 Fast, Parallel Graph Analysis for Identifying Influencers in Customer Churn Details
    2015-01-27 Massive Predictive Modeling Details

    BI and Visualization
    Date File
    2015-03-26 Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Details
    2015-02-07 Oracle BI Multi-User Development Obstacles and Solutions Details
    2015-01-20 How to really go Agile--Continuous Integration with OBIEE Details
    2014-07-20 Oracle BI and Geo-Spatial Big Data Details
    2015-01-27 Oracle’s BI and Big Data Strategy Details
    2015-02-09 OBIEE Data Visualization: The "How" and the "Why" Details
    2015-02-06 Integrating Oracle Advanced Analytics into OBIEE dashboards Details
    2014-11-07 Oracle BI Mobile App Designer: Creating Purposeful Mobile Apps in Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Details
    2015-01-31 Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Details
    2015-01-30 All about BICS (Oracle BI Cloud Service) Details
    2015-01-27 Self-Service BI for Super Users Details

    Big Data
    Date File
    2015-02-08 Scaling indexes for very large and very busy databases Details
    2015-01-30 SQL Is the Best Development Language for Big Data Details
    2015-01-26 End-to-End Hadoop Development using OBIEE, ODI and Oracle Big Data Details
    2015-01-12 Bringing Oracle Big Data SQL to OBIEE and ODI Details
    2015-01-31 Naval Postgraduate School Report on the Oracle Cloudera Solution for Big Data Details
    2015-01-28 Personalized Healthcare using large genomic datasets and Oracle Exadata Details
    2015-01-30 The Data Revolution Details
    2014-12-17 Data Capital In The 21st Century Details
    2015-01-31 Java MapReduce Beyond WordCount Details
    2014-10-10 Oracle Big Data SQL: Unified SQL Analysis Across the Big Data Platform Details
    2014-12-07 Panel: BI and Big Data Details
    2015-01-30 The Rise and Fall of the NoSQL Empire Details
    2015-01-27 Big Data SQL: Oracle SQL Access to Hadoop Details
    2014-12-23 Oracle Big Data Discovery - Introduction Details
    2014-10-09 Oracle Big Data: Strategy and Roadmap Details
    2014-06-26 Query Oracle Database from Hadoop Compute Engines using HiveQL, Impala, SparkQL, Shark Details

    Cloud Computing
    Date File
    2015-01-27 Architecting Multi-Tenancy Analytics in the Cloud Using OBIEE, Hadoop and Oracle DB Details
    2015-03-01 Cloud Analytics for Oracle Commerce Details
    2015-01-25 Oracle BI Cloud Service : What is it, and Where Will it be Useful? Details

    Data Warehousing and ETL
    Date File
    2015-01-31 YesSQL! a celebration of SQL and PL/SQL Details
    2015-01-29 Is Oracle GoldenGate a Suitable Replacement for Oracle Change Data Capture? Details
    2015-01-29 The Time is Now: Migrating from Warehouse Builder to Data Integrator 12c Details
    2015-01-11 SQL Anti-Patterns Details
    2015-01-13 OBIEE Performance Improvement Techniques Details
    2015-02-10 Oracle Database In-Memory Option – The Next Big Thing Details
    2015-02-06 Using Analytical SQL to Intelligently Explore Big Data Details

    Engineered Systems
    Date File
    2014-10-22 Smart Analytics and Capacity Management for DbaaS using R Details
    2015-02-06 Oracle Database In-Memory And Exadata: Do I Still Need Exadata? Details
    2015-01-12 Exalytics: The Fastest Oracle Essbase, Hyperion Planning, & OBIEE Performance Imaginable Details

    Enterprise Performance Management
    Date File
    2015-01-31 Innovations in BI: Oracle Business Intelligence against Oracle Essbase & Relational Databases Details
    2015-01-14 Architecture and Internals of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Details
    2014-10-16 Virtualizing Data: the instant database cloning revolution Details

    Date File
    2015-01-31 10 Tips for Social Media Success: Empowering the Oracle Professional Details

    Date File
    2015-02-06 Performance, Performance, Performance: Exadata for Massive Spatial Workloads Details
    2015-02-06 Oracle BI and Geo-Spatial Big Data Details
    2015-02-06 Building HTML5 Maps for Web Applications: A Developers Introduction to Oracle MapViewer Details
    2015-02-06 Seeing is Believing in Real Estate: Using Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle FMW MapViewer to Bring Details
    2015-02-06 Innovative Approaches to Modeling GPS/GNSS Construction Data with Oracle Spatial and Graph Details
    2015-02-06 Ken Inman Talk - "Cloud-Based Analytics in Action" Details
    2015-02-06 Learn to build an analytic application with Oracle's Spatial tools Details
    2015-02-06 Creating custom, interactive map visualizations with OBIEE Details
    2015-02-06 Using Map Views In Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics Details
    2015-02-06 Using Location Analysis in Large Scale Operational Systems Details
    2015-02-23 Location Intelligence for Italian and UK Justice and Public Sector Details
    2015-02-20 Mapping Social Media in Real-Time for Public Safety Details
    2015-02-11 Comparative Performance Benchmarks: Oracle Spatial and Graph with Oracle Database 12c Details
    2015-02-06 Creating a 3D Model for Noise Simulation at a National Federal Railways Agency Details
    2015-02-06 Geofencing for Descriptive Police Analytics Details
    2015-02-06 LocationBox: Deploying Nationwide, Scalable LBS Solutions at Turkey’s National Credit Registry Details
    2015-02-06 Performance Gains with Spatial and Graph Using Oracle Database 12c Details
    2015-02-06 Effectively Integrate Geospatial Technologies from GIS to Oracle Spatial in Real State Sector Details
    2015-02-06 Geomarketing Analysis: a developed solution for Italy’s Leading Supermarket Chain, Unicoop Firenze Details
    2015-02-06 Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Region of Moscow – Managing 100 TB of Geospatial Data Details

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