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    IOUG Alliance Partners are partner companies that support the IOUG. Individual IOUG Members all benefit from the varied solutions offered by our Alliance Members.

    The IOUG Alliance Member Program provides advertising and event participation opportunities to reach more than 20,000 individuals that comprise the IOUG community, including key decision makers – the people who use, buy and recommend Oracle products and services.

    For more information on how your organization can participate, contact Jim Conlon, IOUG Director of Partner Engagement at 312.673.4865 or

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    High performance for Oracle database and applications, at an affordable price with Cisco Unified Computing servers. 

    Cisco is more than the worldwide leader in networking. Cisco is a recognized leader in data center servers and solutions for Oracle. Cisco server, hardware, and software solutions support Oracle database and Oracle applications to:

    • Provide exceptional levels of performance and flexibility
    • Accelerate deployment
    • Simplify management
    • Lower costs
    • Increase security and availability

    Cisco data center products, led by Intel-powered Cisco Unified Computing System servers, cost significantly less than existing data center architectures, improve data center functionality, and help increase your company’s business advantage.

    As a strategic technology and business advisor, we’re helping our customers navigate and succeed in the evolving world. Our customers rely on the power of Cisco intelligent servers and networks to be competitive, deliver better services, and create new possibilities. Our collective strengths—commitment to customer success, the breadth and depth of our intelligent products, and our talented people—enable us to solve our customers’ important business challenges. Cisco’s true value isn’t just in what we make—it’s in what we make possible.

    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    170 West Tasman Drive
    San Jose, CA 95134-1706
    800 800-1180



    Database Performance Monitoring

    The Quest Software (Now a part of Dell) portfolio of database performance monitoring products for Oracle has one central mission: To simplify database performance monitoring and management. Our solutions allow you to establish consistent visibility across Oracle database environments, as well as deliver deep insight into transaction analysis.

    Oracle Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics - No other Oracle database monitoring tool has the power to accelerate problem resolution like Foglight® for Oracle. It provides constant remote database monitoring, correlates performance data from across your technology stack and makes your job easier by extending the capabilities of basic database monitoring software like Oracle Enterprise Manager

    Oracle Transaction Monitoring and Analytics - Foglight® Performance Analysis for Oracle delivers the most granular information possible without running SQL Trace. It constantly samples Oracle’s SGA and automatically compiles a time-sensitive baseline for every database-level metric. Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle reveals even the most elusive and complicated bottlenecks and inefficiencies so you can quickly understand existing or developing conditions and how to resolve them.

    Multiple Database Performance Management – Foglight® for Cross Platform Databases allow you to consolidate and standardize database performance and service across your heterogeneous database environments and ensures deep and complete integration across database platforms to help you improve service levels and reduce costs.

    Manage data across any environment with SharePlex 8.0

    For the first time in its 15-year history as the market-leading database replication solution, SharePlex has enabled near
    real-time data integration. Using change data capture methodology, SharePlex v8.0 now delivers Oracle data both to structured and unstructured databases.

    Whether it’s Hadoop, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase or more, SharePlex 8.0 helps you keep up with the demands of controlling your
    diverse data environments. Take data management beyond expectations with SharePlex 8.0.

    Stat – Application Change Management

    Dell Software’s application change management solutions enable organizations to reduce costs and increase staff productivity through improved control, visibility and automation over the change management processes. These solutions help you achieve regulatory compliance by controlling and tracking changes — from the time the change is requested, to automated deployment, to production.

    Stat for PeopleSoft – Stat for PeopleSoft is a version control and change management software that provides you with increased visibility into – and control over – the change process, allowing your organization to be more responsive to updates and patches. By implementing Stat, you can help manage change, establish and maintain change control, ensure your organization achieves regulatory compliance, and reduce the total cost of ownership of PeopleSoft applications.

    Stat for Oracle E-Business – Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite enable organizations to reduce costs and increase staff productivity through improved control, visibility and automation over the change management processes. If you’re planning on migrating to Oracle R12 in the near future, it’s no secret that the upgrade is resource intensive and time consuming to say the least. Stat ensures your Oracle R12 upgrade is seamless and undisruptive to routine business through version control, impact analysis, object/file locking, automated workflow, migrations management and powerful reporting and auditing capabilities. Stat® for Oracle E-Business Suite allows you to manage change without disrupting business.

    Toad for Oracle 12 delivers the power of connected intelligence

    Seamlessly integrated with the newly redesigned Toad World user community of three million database professionals and experts, Toad 12 is going to change the way you develop and administer Oracle databases. It allows you to tap directly into the Toad community for tips, tricks and real-time help – without ever leaving Toad.

    This latest version also allows you to simultaneously compare schemas across multiple databases, search inside and outside Toad, utilize a private script repository and more.

    You’ll never view Toad and the Toad community the same way again. Discover the strength of connected intelligence within Toad 12.

    Dell Software
    5 Polaris Way
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
    (800) 306 – 9329

    embarcadero logo_RB.jpg
    Award-winning Tools for DBAs, Data Architects, and Application Developers

    DownloadSoftware Trials
    for all Embarcadero products

    DBArtisan® is the world’s leading cross-platform database administration toolset. For over 20 years DBArtisan has been one of the most trusted names in DBA tools in more than 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies. With a superior feature set to DBMS “house” tools, DBArtisan is the one true cross-platform toolset that lets DBAs manage Oracle, SQL Server,
    Sybase, or IBM-DB2 databases from a single, intuitive, user interface, so they can deliver:

    • reliable database availability
    • peak database performance
    • trusted database security
    • accurate data governance

    ER/Studio® is the data modeling solution that combines business, data, and application modeling tools with robust collaboration tools into a multi-level design environment. With ER/Studio data architects can build enterprise-scale databases, and document and publish models and metadata to:

    • improve alignment between business and IT
    • more effectively use enterprise data as a corporate asset
    • fully support compliance and data governance initiatives

    RADStudio gives application developers the tools to build true native, multi-device apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance. With RAD Studio developers and development teams get:

    • Simplified and secure enterprise data access
    • Rapid application development or prototyping
    • Reduced support cost and time to market

    Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help:
    415.834.3131 x3

    Download SoftwareTrials for all Embarcadero products


    EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a moreagile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Additional information about EMC can be found at

    As one of Oracle’s largest technology partners since 1995, EMC has a community of employees with strong Oracle knowledge and experience.  In addition to our own IT organization’s award-winning best practices for Oracle Database environments, EMC also provides solutions and services from Oracle Subject Matter Experts that help customers increase performance and efficiency, lower costs, and reduce risks in your Oracle infrastructure.

    Read, discover and discuss best practices for your Oracle environments at Everything Oracle at EMC. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter!



    IOUG is proud to present IBM as a 2013 IOUG Marquee Partner. IBM supports the IOUG in our mission to represent the voice of the Oracle technology and database professional and enables IOUG to drive engagement and resources to empower our member community.

    IBM Offers a Proven Infrastructure Environment for your Oracle Database

    Has your database become so large and complex that its performance is inhibiting your company’s ability to reach its business goals? Are costs too high? Choosing the right infrastructure technology and applications to support your Oracle database can help you address these issues and more.

    The IBM Oracle Database page is a great place to go for information that can help your company meet the challenges of today—and those in the future. For all the published information you need to get started -- including white papers, analyst reports, videos and the new IBM/Oracle Blog -- check out the new IBM Oracle Technology Hub:

    Questions? e-mail the IBM Oracle International Competency Center at


    About Us

    Kaminario is a storage company focused on building all-flash arrays for mid-sized enterprises. Founded in 2008, Kaminario’s K2 is built from the ground up to take advantage of the most modern flash SSD capabilities. It is based on the company’s proprietary, scale-out architecture, called SPEAR (Scale-Out Performance and Resilience Architecture).

    The company is is based in Newton, Massachusetts and also has a research and development facility in Israel. Kaminario is backed by Sequoia Capital, Pitango Venture Capital, Globespan Capital Partners, Mitsui and Tenaya Capital.

    Our Vision

    Kaminario’s vision has been clear from day one – to drive the adoption of flash in the data center by creating storage solutions that take advantage of the most modern SAN flash capabilities. Because of the team’s deep background in enterprise storage, they recognized monolithic HDD-based legacy storage as an obstacle to delivering the speed and agility required by modern enterprise applications. Kaminario is dedicated to providing all-flash storage solutions that meet the next-generation performance needs of companies. The company also strives to design innovative solutions with new levels of consistency, reliability, scalability and manageability. With the recent release of K2 v5, the Kaminario team is one step closer to fulfilling their mission of making all-flash storage more affordable than both HDD and hybrid alternatives. Read More.

    Our Technology

    Kaminario K2 v5 the industry’s most scalable, intelligent, and cost-effective all-flash storage solution on the market, with an average price of $2/GB usable. It is also the only product to feature a true scale-out and scale-up architecture that allows organizations to grow capacity and performance based on their needs.

    The fifth generation K2 is a no-compromise offering which helps customers meet all their critical storage needs; macro-efficiency (reduce CAPEX and OPEX by over 50%), business agility (drive 10x productivity), and enterprise resiliency (guarantee 24/7/365 demands). Simply put: it’s storage done better. Read More.

    Kaminario HQ
    275 Grove Street
    Suite 2-400
    Newton, MA USA 02466

    Melissa Data

    Data Quality Tools for Oracle Database and Applications

    Melissa Data is dedicated to the success of its customers worldwide by providing comprehensive, powerful global data quality and address management solutions. Founded in 1985, thousands of companies look to Melissa Data for multiplatform APIs and Cloud services to clean, verify, standardize and enhance data for improved communications and ROI.

    Download trials for all Melissa Data products  

    Data Quality Suite—First Line of Protection.  The Data Quality Suite firewall-like feature protects and cleanses a database of bad data at the point-of-entry and at other points over time.   The Suite is a vigilant, powerful toolset, assuring that customers see a 100% ROI within 120 days.  The Data Quality Suite is multiplatform APIs that seamlessly integrate into Web forms, CRM and custom applications.  

    Personator—When You Want to Be Sure.  Personator is a Cloud-based service that provides Enterprise and E-Commerce businesses with an extra boost in contact data verification.  Beyond verification, Personator’s Data Quality Uplift cross-references the validity of data to ensure customer record is current and deliverable and adds missing, name, phone, email information to complete a record. 

    Contact Zone—For a Clean Slate.  This straight-forward ETL tool brings powerful data verification capabilities to most any database. Contact Zone offers an intuitive graphical user interface for quick solutions for address, name, phone and email verification, correction and integration. 

    Contact us:

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