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    Gary Gordhamer is currently at GE Power & Water as a senior DBA, having worked with Oracle Database and related technology for the past 22 years. He is an active member of IOUG for the past seven years (an inactive member for about five previous to that). He is currently serving as a contributing editor for SELECT Journal and has been presenting at COLLABORATE for seven years, delivering more than 15 sessions.Gordhamer also presented at Oracle OpenWorld in 2012. He previously served on the COLLABORATE Conference Committee for two years and published two articles in SELECT Journal, including receiving the SELECT Journal Editor’s Award in 2010.

    Gary Gordhamer
    Date File
    2015-05-20 DBA 201: Database Listener Registration

    Q1 2015

    2014-11-17 What is NLS?

    Q4 2009

    2014-11-17 Virtual Database Wars

    Q2 2013

    (co-author: Arup Nanda)

    2014-11-17 Are Oracle Linux and Red Hat Linux the Same?

    Q1 2014

    2014-11-17 NLS Examples

    Q1 2010


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