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    Leadership that Listens

    2013-2014 IOUG Board of Directors

    These guys are your peers. While they’re setting the direction for IOUG as we head into 2014, they’re always working for your best interests. They’re listening. And they want you to know that at IOUG everyone’s voice is equal. 

    Feel free to email any board member with your thoughts, ideas or questions.

    Michelle MalcherMichelle Malcher 

    michelle_malcher at ioug.org

    Maria AndersonMaria Anderson  
    Executive Vice President, Director of Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Development 

    maria_anderson at ioug.org

    John MatelskiJohn Matelski  
    VP Finance, President Emeritus

    john_matelski at ioug.org


    Coleman LeviterColeman Leviter
    Director of Education

    coleman_leviter at ioug.org

    Alex GorbachevAlex Gorbachev
    Director of Communities

    alex_gorbachev at ioug.org


    James LuiJames Lui 
    Director of Social Media

    james_lui at ioug.org

    Mark FarnhamMark Farnham
    Director of Advocacy

    mark_farnham at ioug.org


    Shyam NathShyam Nath
    Director of Product Integration

    shyam_nath at ioug.org

    Matt VranicarMatt Vranicar
    Director of Alliance Membership

    matt_vranicar at ioug.org


    Al HoofAl Hoof
    Director of Online Content

    al_hoof at ioug.org

    William HardieWilliam Hardie
    Oracle Liaison

    william.hardie at oracle.com


    Josh BermanJosh Berman  
    Executive Director

    jberman at ioug.org 


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