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    Advanced Analytics
    Date File
    2016-02-02 Dogfooding – How Oracle Uses Oracle Advanced Analytics To Boost Sales Efficiency Details
    2016-02-02 Oracle Modern Manufacturing - Bridging IoT, Big Data Analytics and ERP for Better Results Details
    2016-02-08 Enabling Clorox as Data Driven Enterprise Details
    2016-01-31 Predictive Modelling and Forecasting using OER Details
    2016-01-29 Fault Detection using Advanced Analytics at CERN's Large Hadron Collider: Too Hot or Too Cold Details
    2016-01-29 Large Scale Machine Learning with Big Data SQL, Hadoop and Spark Details
    2016-01-28 Stubhub and Oracle Advanced Analytics Details
    2016-01-19 Advanced Analytics for Call Center Operations Details
    2016-01-19 Fiserv Case Study: Using Oracle Advanced Analytics for Fraud Detection in Online Payments Details
    2016-01-27 Machine Learning on Streaming Data via Integration of Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Stream Explorer Details
    2016-01-30 Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 hours!! Oracle Data Miner 4.0 Hands on Lab Details
    2016-01-29 Scaling R to New Heights with Oracle Database Details
    2016-01-22 Predictive Analytics using SQL and PL/SQL Details
    2016-02-12 Is Oracle SQL the best language for Statistics Details
    2016-01-30 Big Data Analytics with Oracle Advanced Analytics 12c and Big Data SQL and the Cloud Details
    2016-01-29 Oracle R Enterprise 1.5 - Hot new features! Details
    2016-01-29 Improving Predictive Model Development Time with R and Oracle Big Data Discovery Details

    BI and Visualization
    Date File
    2016-02-11 Electoral fraud location in Brazilian General Elections 2014 Details
    2016-01-29 The State of BI Details
    2016-03-17 Great great BI talk and demo Details
    2016-03-16 Greatest BI Talk EVER!!!! Details
    2016-02-06 Preparing for BI 12c Upgrade Details
    2016-02-06 Case Study of Improving BI Apps and OBIEE Performance Details
    2016-01-27 Integrating OBIEE and Essbase, Why it Makes Sense Details
    2016-01-18 The Dash that changed a culture Details
    2016-01-22 Optimize Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics with Oracle 12c In-Memory Database option Details
    2016-02-03 Oracle Data Visualization vs. Answers: The Cage Match Details
    2016-01-31 What's New With Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Details
    2015-10-19 Workforce Analytics Leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Serivces (BICS) Details
    2016-01-28 Defining a Roadmap for Migrating to Oracle BI Applications on ODI Details
    2016-02-08 Free form Data Visualization, Mashup BI and Advanced Analytics with BI 12c Details
    2016-02-02 See What’s There and What’s Coming with BICS & Data Visualization Details
    2015-10-20 Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service Hands-On Lab with Customer Use Cases Details
    2016-01-31 OBIEE 12c and the Leap Forward in Lifecycle Management Details
    2016-01-31 On Metadata, Mashups and the Future of Enterprise BI Details
    2015-07-20 Supercharge BI Delivery with Continuous Integration Details
    2016-02-06 Visual Analyzer and Best Practices for Data Discovery Details
    2016-01-28 BI Movie Magic: Maps, Graphs, and BI Dashboards at AMC Theatres Details
    2016-01-28 Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) the Smart View Way Details

    Big Data
    Date File
    2016-01-29 Oracle Big Data: Strategy and Roadmap Details
    2016-02-02 Oracle Modern Manufacturing - Bridging IoT, Big Data Analytics and ERP for Better Results Details
    2016-01-26 Leveraging Oracle Big Data Discovery to Master CERN’s Control Data Details
    2016-01-30 Enrich, Transform and Analyse Big Data using Big Data Discovery and Visual Analyzer Details
    2016-02-05 Oracle Big Data SQL: Unified SQL Analysis Across the Big Data Platform Details
    2016-01-29 High Speed Video Processing for Big Data Applications Details
    2015-10-31 Enterprise Data Hub with Oracle Exadata and Oracle Big Data Appliance Details
    2016-01-24 How to choose between Hadoop, NoSQL or Oracle Database Details
    2016-02-02 Analytical SQL in the Era of Big Data Details

    Cloud Computing
    Date File
    2016-02-15 Hybrid Cloud Using Oracle DBaaS: How the Italian Workers Comp Authority Uses Graph Technology Details
    2016-01-29 Centralizing Spatial Data Management with Oracle Cloud Databases Details
    2016-01-29 Oracle DBaaS Migration Road Map Details
    2016-01-28 End Users data in BI - Data Mashup and Data Blending with BICS , DVCS and BI 12c Details
    2016-01-27 Oracle BI Tools on the Cloud--On Premise vs. Hosted vs. Oracle Cloud Details
    2016-01-22 Build Your Cloud with Oracle Engineered Systems Details
    2015-09-01 Safe Passage to the CLOUD – Analytics Details
    2015-06-24 Your Journey to the Cloud : From Dedicated Physical Infrastructure to Cloud Bursting Details

    Data Warehousing and ETL
    Date File
    2016-02-06 Analytic Views - Bringing Star Queries into the Twenty-First Century Details
    2016-02-04 12-Step SQL Tuning Method Details
    2016-02-02 Getting to grips with SQL Pattern Matching Details
    2016-02-02 Making SQL Great Again (SQL is Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!) Details
    2016-02-01 Controlling Execution Plans (without Touching the Code) Details
    2016-02-01 Taking Full Advantage of the PL/SQL Result Cache Details
    2016-02-01 Taking Full Advantage of the PL/SQL Compiler Details
    2016-01-30 Advanced SQL: Working with JSON Data Details
    2016-01-29 Oracle Database In-Memory Option Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know Details
    2016-01-26 Best Practices for Getting Started With Oracle Database In-Memory Details
    2016-01-26 Extreme Data Warehouse Performance with Oracle Exadata Details
    2016-01-26 Real-Time SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c Details
    2016-01-25 A Walk Through the Kimball ETL Subsystems with Oracle Data Integration Details
    2016-01-22 MySQL 5.7 Performance: More Than 1.6M SQL Queries per Second Details
    2016-01-21 Implement storage tiering in Data warehouse with Oracle Automatic Data Optimization Details
    2016-01-15 Edition-Based Redefinition Case Study Details
    2016-01-12 Where's Waldo? Using a brute-force approach to find an Execution Plan the CBO hides Details
    2016-01-09 Delivering an Enterprise-Wide Standard Chart of Accounts at GE with Oracle DRM Details
    2016-01-06 Same SQL Plan, Different Performance Details
    2016-01-06 Understanding the 10053 Trace Details
    2016-01-06 Why Use PL/SQL? Details
    2016-01-06 Transforming one table to another: SQL or PL/SQL? Details
    2016-01-06 Agile Data Engineering: Introduction to Data Vault Data Modeling Details
    2016-01-06 Worst Practice in Data Warehouse Design Details
    2015-09-25 The Place of SQL in the Hybrid World Details
    2015-09-25 The Next Generation of the Oracle Optimizer Details

    Internet of Things
    Date File
    2016-02-06 The State of Internet of Things (IoT) Details
    2016-02-05 Meet Your Digital Twin Details
    2016-02-02 Oracle Modern Manufacturing - Bridging IoT, Big Data Analytics and ERP for Better Results Details
    2016-01-29 Fault Detection using Advanced Analytics at CERN's Large Hadron Collider: Too Hot or Too Cold Details
    2016-01-29 Industrial IoT and Machine Learning - Making Wind Energy Cost Competitive Details
    2016-01-21 Big Data and the Internet of Things in 2016: Beyond the Hype Details
    2016-01-19 IoT for Big Machines Details

    Oracle Spatial Summit
    Date File
    2016-02-16 Best Practices, Tips and Tricks with Oracle Spatial and Graph Details
    2016-02-12 Best Practices for Developing Geospatial Apps for the Cloud Details
    2016-02-12 Map Visualization in Analytic Apps in the Cloud, On-Premise, and Mobile Details
    2016-02-03 Build Your Own Maps with the Big Data Discovery Custom Visualization Component Details
    2016-02-01 Massively Parallel Calculation of Catchment Areas in Retail Details
    2016-01-26 Dismantling Criminal Networks with Graph and Spatial Visualization and Analysis Details
    2016-02-11 Assembling a Large Scale Map for the Netherlands Using Oracle 12c Spatial and Graph Details
    2016-02-11 Deploying a Linked Data Service at the Italian National Institute of Statistics Details
    2016-02-11 ATLAS - Utilizing Oracle Spatial and Graph with Esri for Pipeline GIS and Linear Asset Management Details
    2016-02-10 Implementation of LBS services with Oracle Spatial and Graph and MapViewer in Zain Jordan Details
    2016-01-28 Delivering Smarter Spatial Data Management within Ordnance Survey, UK Details
    2016-01-22 Oracle Spatial 12c as an Applied Science for Solving Today's Real-World Engineering Problems Details
    2016-01-15 Using Open Data Models to Rapidly Develop and Prototype a 3D National SDI in Bahrain Details
    2016-02-12 Applying Spatial Analysis To Big Data Details
    2016-01-29 Interactive map visualization of large datasets in analytic applications Details
    2016-01-29 Gain Insight into Your Graph Data -- A hands on lab for Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph Details
    2016-02-12 Oracle Spatial and Graph: New Features for 12.2 Details
    2016-02-01 What’s New with Spatial and Graph? Technologies to Better Understand Complex Relationships Details
    2016-02-01 Big Data Spatial: Location Intelligence, Geo-enrichment and Spatial Analytics Details
    2016-01-28 Graph Databases: A Social Network Analysis Use Case Details
    2016-01-23 High Performance Raster Database Manipulation and Data Processing with Oracle Spatial and Graph Details
    2016-01-22 The Power of Geospatial Visualization for Linear Assets Using Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Details
    2016-01-22 3D Data Management - From Point Cloud to City Model Details
    2016-02-18 Managing National Broadband Infrastructure at Turk Telekom with Oracle Spatial and Graph Details
    2016-01-26 Fast, High Volume, Dynamic Vehicle Routing Framework for E-Commerce and Fleet Management Details

    Date File
    2016-02-01 Taking Full Advantage of the PL/SQL Result Cache Details
    2016-02-01 Taking Full Advantage of the PL/SQL Compiler Details
    2015-08-31 test Details
    2015-08-31 test2 Details
    2016-02-05 Meet Your Digital Twin Details
    2016-02-02 Making SQL Great Again (SQL is Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!) Details
    2016-01-29 Lightning Round for Vendors Details

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