Application Development on Oracle Database: A Year-long CodeTalk Series

    Sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG, provided by Oracle Developer Advocates

    Oracle Database is the most powerful, flexible relational database in the world, but it’s way more than “just” a database. Packed into Oracle Database are features designed to make it easier for developers (whether writing in PL/SQL or JavaScript) to build highly secure, high performance, maintainable applications. Oracle Developer Advocates has a mission to make the user community more aware of all these features and how best to use them.

    This webcast series will feature presentations followed by discussions with a featured user of the relevant technology.

    2018 Sessions

    Visit the ODTUG Code Talk page for the latest information and registration details for 2018 webinars.

    2017 Sessions:

    Watch the Archives:

    Month Topic
    January Internet of Things and Oracle Database
    February The PL/SQL Ninja: PL/SQL Can Do WHAT?
    March Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Database
    April Modern ETL with Node.js and Oracle Database
    May Unit Testing PL/SQL Code in the Real World
    July A Guided Tour through the Universal Theme
    August Six Reasons Why You Will Get Addicted to SQLcl Scripting
    September Ten Things About PL/SQL You Probably Don’t Know
    October Rapid Web Application Development in the Oracle Cloud
    November JSON in the Oracle Database
    December Oracle Database Multilingual Engine: JavaScript IN the Database

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