Oracle Database In-Memory & Multitenant Virtual Conference

    Tuesday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central Time

    Are you curious to know how you can get mind blowing analytics performance as well as simplified database consolidation with Oracle Database 12c Release 2? Oracle Database In-Memory and Multitenant are the two most important capabilities of Oracle 12c, and you will want to learn how you can benefit from the latest innovations. Join Oracle experts for a 2-day deep dive and also hear from customers who are already successfully leveraging these technologies!

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    Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - In-Memory Day

    • Motivation & Technology Overview
      11:00am - 12:00pm Central Time
      Database In-Memory is an unprecedented breakthrough in-memory columnar technology providing massive performance gains for analytical and mixed workloads, with the ability to process data in real-time at the rate of billions of rows per second. In this session we will look at the Oracle in-memory technology portfolio, the motivation and underpinnings behind in-memory database technology and provide a technology overview of Oracle Database In-Memory.
      Featured Speaker: Tirthankar Lahiri & Raj Rathee, Oracle Corporation
    • Real World Experience with Oracle Database In-Memory
      12:00pm - 1:00pm Central Time
      There is nothing quite like learning how a cool new technology is actually being put into action in the real world. Hear about real scenarios and real results, directly from those who have put Oracle Database In-Memory into action. 
      Featured Speakers: Paolo Kreth, Die Mobiliar, Phani Yenugu, EyeMed VIsion Care
    • Oracle Database In-Memory - Getting Started & Best Practices
      1:00pm - 2:00pm Central Time

      Oracle Database In-Memory is seamlessly integrated in Oracle, requires no application changes, and is remarkably easy to get started with. You do, however, need to be thinking of the right use cases to best leverage this technology. This session will help you get thinking of the best use cases, and get you started with the technology implementation and best practices.
      Featured Speaker: Andy Rivenes, Oracle Corporation 

    Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Multitenant Day

    • Multitenant Delivers Isolation and Agility with Economies of Scale
      11:00am - 12:00pm Central Time
      Isolation and agility with economies of scale: That is a very good slogan to summarize the requirements of a Cloud Database architecture. Economies of scale may be achieved through consolidation. But without delivering isolation, nobody wants to consolidate. Agility enables technology teams to support an organization’s requirements to innovate. This is what we deliver with Multitenant in 12.2. And this is the overarching theme of this presentation.
      Featured Speaker: Patrick Wheeler, Oracle Corporation

    • Real World Experiences with Oracle Multitenancy
      12:00pm - 1:00pm Central Time
      • Multitenancy at Wells Fargo Bank
        Wells Fargo Bank shares its experience with implementing Oracle Multitenant as part of a large-scale Oracle Exadata deployment. The Oracle Multitenant option is a vital component that will enable Wells Fargo to reach desired consolidation densities. The session covers data-gathering and planning for consolidation, consolidation selection criteria, impacts to existing processes, resource management, integration with other Oracle products, and database provisioning, and provides tips and future directions. 
        Featured Speakers: Gerald Bowers, Wells Fargo

      • Uncompromising SaaS on Oracle Cloud, Powered by Multitenant
        Tangoe's customers are uncompromising in their demands for service quality and in turn we could make no compromises in selecting a Cloud architecture for the next-generation of our applications. The new Application Container capability of Multitenant, now available on Oracle Cloud, has everything we need for this mission-critical deployment. In this session we’ll review our journey.
        Featured Speakers: Silviu Lupsa, Tangoe
    • Stale Standalone to Superb SaaS in Single Session!
      1:00pm - 2:00pm Central Time

      You’ve seen the pretty PowerPoint. (If not, check it out on YouTube!) In this session I’ll walk you through how simple it is to convert an application’s back-end database to SaaS with no code changes!
      Featured Speaker: Patrick Wheeler, Oracle Corporation

    Our Featured Speakers

    In-Memory Day

    Tirthankar Lahiri

    Tirthankar Lahiri is Vice President of the Data and In-Memory Technologies group for Oracle Database (this group is responsible for Database In-Memory, Data Formats, Space Management, Transactions, as well as the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.) Tirthankar has 20 years of experience in the Database industry and has worked extensively in a variety of areas including Manageability, Performance, Scalability, High Availability, Caching, Distributed Concurrency Control, In-Memory Data Management, etc. He has 21 issued and has several pending patents in these areas. Tirthankar has a B.Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


    Raj Rathee

    Raj Rathee is a Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle and leads the Oracle Database In-Memory team. Raj’s career has been focused on data and data management after graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, Canada. Raj’s experience spans software engineering, product management as well as business development and go-to-market roles.  



    Paolo Kreth

    Paolo Kreth was born in Genoa and has a master degree in computer science from Università degli Studi di Genova. He has worked several years as a freelancer Oracle DBA and Developer, before settling to Switzerland, and working as Principal Instructor at Oracle University. Since 2010 he is working at Swiss Mobiliar, first as Oracle Technical Lead and project manager and since 2015 as Head of the Datamanagement Team. Paolo has an OCP certification and is member of the Swiss Oracle User Group. Under his lead Mobiliar became reference customer for Oracle 12c and for Oracle in Memory technology. His passion is the Mobiliar Performance Warehouse, he build with his team in 2012. Outside of working hours, Paolo spends his time with his family, listens to Jazz and plays soccer with the Mobilar Soccer Team.


    Phani Yenugu

    Phani is currently working as Infrastructure and Datacenter lead for Luxottica/EyeMed. He has 23+ years of proven IT experience in building scalable enterprise solutions. He was recognized for his strength in realizing best ROI and TCO using common technology/tool sets/standards and processes. Phani has worked with most of the hardware, server, OS and storage technologies released since 1993 and he has been working with Oracle products since 1995. He held various responsibilities in infrastructure throughout his career.


    Andy Rivenes

    Andy Rivenes is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and is a Product Manager for Database In-Memory. Prior to that Andy was a Product Manager for Heat Map, Automatic Data Optimization, SecureFiles and DBFS. Andy has been working with Oracle products since 1992 and spent a large part of his career managing Oracle databases for both custom and E-Business Suite applications. Andy now spends his time helping customers implement Database In-Memory and providing information about Database In-Memory through blogs, conferences, and customer visits. He is also a frequent contributing author to the Oracle Database In-Memory blog at    


    Multitenant Day

    Patrick Wheeler

    Patrick Wheeler joined Oracle in 1986. He worked as Consultant and Consulting Practice Manager for several large financial institutions in London and San Francisco. He was closely involved with the development of Oracle CASE and was responsible for the worldwide launch of CASE and establishment of custom consulting practices in the early nineties. 

    In 1995, Mr Wheeler joined Siebel Systems and was a member of the Founder's Circle. As Data Architect and Director of Data Modeling he oversaw the development of Siebel's Data Model from Sales Force Automation startup to CRM juggernaut. He went on to establish the Reliability Engineering practice at Siebel Systems, guiding the product from pre-release instability to production release solidity. He has been awarded three US patents as Inventor. 

    Now back at Oracle, Mr Wheeler is Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Database, with responsibility for Oracle Multitenant. 


    Gerald Bowers

    Gerald is an experienced database professional with over 25 years of enterprise computing experience. He designs, builds, and manages highly available infrastructure to support business critical applications. Currently, at Wells Fargo, he manages infrastructure architecture and deployment of enterprise database solutions.


    Silviu Lupsa

    Silviu is currently a Database Development Manager at Tangoe. In his 15 years with Tangoe, Silviu has developed a diverse skill set including software and database development, infrastructure architecture, and middleware management. 


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