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    INOUG is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping Oracle professionals throughout Indiana increase their knowledge and experience with Oracle and related technologies.

    The annually elected INOUG Board plans and conducts quarterly User Group Meetings. At these all day events, INOUG welcomes all interested Oracle professionals to attend for the most cost-effective training available.

    In addition to learning more about Oracle technology, the meetings are a great way to become acquainted with other local Oracle professionals and to learn what kinds of Oracle-based systems are being implemented at local companies.


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    Indiana Oracle Users Group Files
    Date File
    2018-11-14 Oracle/Hyperion EPM Cloud - Jim Springer Details
    2018-11-01 Oracle 18c - Mike Messina Details
    2018-11-01 MySQL 8.0 - Mike Messina Details
    2018-11-01 Autonomous Database - Jignesh Patel Details
    2018-07-28 12cR2 In-Memory Options - Anju Mohan Details
    2018-07-28 Backup and DR Solutions in the Cloud - Biju Thomas Details
    2018-07-28 Cloud DBA Techniques to Learn - Biju Thomas Details
    2018-07-28 Database Security - Dan Morgan Details
    2018-07-28 GoldenGate - Dan Morgan Details
    2017-11-30 DevOps to DataOps - Kellyn Gorman Details
    2017-11-30 What was really said at Open World 2017? - Dan Morgan Details
    2017-11-30 Software Defined Everything - Open World 2018 - Dan Morgan Details
    2017-11-30 Secrets of AWR and ASH - Kellyn Gorman Details
    2017-01-31 MySQL High Availability - Mike Messina, AdvizeX Details
    2017-01-31 Oracle 12c Database Latest New Features - Mike Messina, AdvizeX Details
    2017-01-31 Oracle Database 12c Important Facts - Mike Messina, AdvizeX Details
    2017-01-30 Big Data - A Fresh Look - Ashok Kumar Details
    2017-01-30 Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance - David Robbins, Oracle Corporation Details
    2016-10-31 Best Practices For Moving Your Data To The Cloud - Satya Kanimilli Details
    2016-10-30 Bare Metal Cloud - Dan Morgan Details
    2016-10-30 Scaling to Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses on Oracle by Tim Gorman Details
    2016-10-30 RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting Errors using ASH (Active Session History) by Tim Gorman Details
    2016-05-10 Journey To The Center Of The Database - Oracle Data Blocks - Ric Van Dyke Details
    2016-05-10 Will The Real Plan Please Stand Up - Ric Van Dyke Details
    2016-05-05 Introduction To Big Data - Ashok Kumar Details
    2016-05-05 Oracle Database High Availability and Performance Scalability - Ashok Kumar Details
    2016-05-05 10053 Trace - Dan Hotka Details
    2016-05-05 Database AS A Service - Mike Messina Details
    2016-05-05 Exadata X5 - New Features - Mike Messina Details
    2016-05-05 INSERT Statements for DBA's - Dan Morgan Details
    2016-05-05 Installation Misconfigurations by DEFAULT - Dan Morgan Details
    2016-05-05 Oracle 12c - New Feature - Dan Hotka Details
    2016-01-29 OEL, OVM and OEM - Enterprise Linux, Virtual Machine and OEM 12c Details
    2015-10-01 Oracle R - Intersection, Robert Dawson Details
    2015-10-01 Big Data Architecture, Robert Stackowiak Details
    2015-10-01 Securing Your Oracle Database To Protrect Your Data, Mike Messina Details
    2015-10-01 Oracle Golden Gate, Let's Get Started, Mike Messina Details
    2015-10-01 Big data Overview, Ashok Kumar Details
    2015-10-01 Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) Product Overview, Rusty Bruce Details
    2015-10-01 Business Intelligence Applications Overview, Rusty Bruce Details
    2015-10-01 Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure, Kris Bakke Details
    2015-09-22 Database 12c - "Gotchas", Dan Morgan Details
    2015-09-22 Database 12c - "Gems", Dan Morgan Details

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