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    Arup Nanda is the principal database architect at a major New York area-based international corporation and has been an Oracle database technologist for the last 18 years, touching upon performance tuning, disaster recovery and everything in between. He is a frequent speaker at many conferences around the world, has authored more than 300 articles, co-authored five books and provides training sessions on different topics. He is an Oracle ACE director, a member of the Oak Table Network and was Oracle’s DBA of the Year in 2003 and Architect of the Year in 2012.

    Arup Nanda
    Date File
    2014-11-17 Big Data for Oracle Technologists

    Q3 2013

    2014-11-17 Cache Fusion Demystified

    Q3 2011

    2014-11-17 Virtual Database Wars

    Q2 2013

    (co-author: Gary Gordhamer)

    2014-11-17 Rise of the Machines

    Q1 2012

    2014-11-17 Analyzing Application Performance in RAC

    Q1 2011

    2014-11-17 DBA Best Practices from the Field

    Q1 2008


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